Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Forever Family Day!

Three years ago today....
This was the last picture we received before meeting our precious little Love in person. She was adorable! I could not wait to see her, hold her and love on her! This photo made me she taken care of, is she happy, is she ready for what is about to happen, is she ready for her little life to be shaken up again?
Here is the first time I held her...she was all smiles, reluctant but willing.
Is she not the most precious little thing?
Daddy was instantly smitten with her...she had him even before hello :)
I love this photo, she is liking the loving but still you can see the curiosity in her eyes. I think she wanted to trust it but then when our eyes would meet even for just a second...a big 'ole head butt would follow. I know, there may be no correlation. But I wonder...maybe her little self was protecting her tender heart. It was hard for her to make eye contact for a little while. And she was just dealing the best she could with the circumstances she had endured.

And this one...3 years later. She is living proof that God heals hearts. That He has the power to bring a peace that surpasses all understanding. It can't be a good feeling to know that before age 2 you have been in 3 different families, it can't feel like "forever" when forever has not been before. Even little hearts are tender and needy and rightly so - deserving of that full blown affection and unconditional love and...Forever. Which is what we have been blessed with. Our beautiful baby girl, while we do not share the same blood we share the same heart. When she hurts we hurt, when she is sad we are sad, when she rejoices we rejoice and when she smiles....everyone smiles. She has a smile that will not only capture a room but will steal your heart. No.Joke.

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt in the best possible way?? Does that make sense at all? Well, that is how I would describe our love for her. If it is even a inkling of how the Lord loves us at all, which, I honestly believe it is...I get it. I am undone just thinking about it. My in the world were we ever enough to be entrusted with Love's precious little self ? It is just too much, too rich, too wonderful, too good to be true. Oh, but it is...True. Thank You God!
We are beyond blessed to call you OURS!!