Sunday, November 30, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

Placing the lights...the girls were so excited...they even wanted to help with the boring parts.

Close up of the decorations
Our 3 girls helped decorate....every time Love placed an ornament she would exclaim..."Ta-Dah!"

Our tree became very bottom heavy, the girls put most of the ornaments on the very bottom branches. The little girls got the biggest kick out of touching the ornaments and rearranging them.All lit up

I am not sure what happens in the photos...if it is my camera or what...the tree definitely loses something in the photos. We have a "themed" tree. It is mostly snowmen/snowomen and snowflakes. We have stuffed animals from Christmases as far back as the year Hunter was born. I love the tree because it has all the ornaments the big kids have made in preschool and Kindergarten. It is so much fun to have another chance at seeing the magic of Christmas through little eyes. Always admiring all the lights and songs of the season. As for our tree, it is much more fabulous in person...or at least our girls think so :0)

Hope's Hunting Trip

It wasn't actually just Hope's hunting trip. She has been counting the days until she was able to go hunting and camping with Big Daddy and Hunter. I have heard..."How many more days until I go deer hunting?" more than 100 times...seriously.

She is fast asleep and probably dreaming of her time spent at our friend, Greg's land. It was Big Daddy, Hunter, Hope, Greg and his two kiddos. They always have such a good time when they go. He has been allowing them to tag along for over 10 years after the holidays....and yes, they are psyched about their after Christmas dove hunt.

Greg's son got a deer, Big Daddy got a hog and Hope well...she nailed a bag of marshmallows from what I hear. She said she didn't really like to go sit and hunt that much. For those of you who know her, you know she is NOT a quiet child. I am not sure how it happened but she is loud, when she speaks, when she laughs and when she is just who she is. And well, it probably doesn't go well with sitting in a stand for a few hours with complete silence. Now, if you ask her if she had fun she will give you a very boisterous "Yes!!" But, if you ask her what she loved the is riding four wheelers and roasting marshmallows, and eating smores, and being by the campfire.

So, maybe we don't actually have a deer hunter on our hands...perhaps she is just a "camper gurl". And she loves being with Big Daddy. In fact, if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up...her latest answer is "a man, so I can be a Dad". I agree, Big Daddy has lots of fun things he does. If I had the choice between grocery shopping, dishes and laundry as the Mommy or fishing, hunting and camping as the Daddy...I'd probably want to be a Daddy too. But, if she ever had the chance to go to work with Big Daddy for just a few days...I'm guessing being the Mommy would become a much more glamorous option :0)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving and after...

Well, for Thanksgiving...

My 87 year old grandmother, MaMa, always cooks the meal. In the last few years she has "given up" more and more of the side dishes. This was most definitely her last turkey. Makes me sad. But, it will be a tradition I will gladly carry. So next year, that bird is all mine...what makes me think I can do it? Well, she's already agreed to stay the night next year and help me through it ;0)

So, we go to my Mom's for the BEST Thanksgiving I said, my grandma cooks it...y'all she is the real quick recipes, no gravy mixes, no store bought pies, everything is hot when she serves it too...she does it all...and oh, so well. So, we had a really good afternoon spent with family. My sister, her kiddos and her boyfriend and his kiddo, my family, my Mom and Dad and my two grandmas...Totsie and MaMa. It was laid back...we didn't get in any hurry just soaking it all up and appreciating the scenery...4 generations represented on both sides of my parents family...that is a pretty picture ;0)

We then went to Bambi's, Big Daddy's mother's, for more good food and family. We had coffee that was just too yummy! Unfortunately we had missed some of the family who left before we arrived...but Bambi and PawPaw were there, Aunt JuJu and her family, Aunt Jan and her family...including her son Mike from out of state!!, Aunt Kay, and then us.

I am sad to say that my camera maybe on her last leg...she took shotty pictures all day and the color and flash are off. I made a slide show...but you'll have to get through the blurry photos and off color....dern it!

I did get some really great news...remember my friend Kylie Jean and her husband's wedding back in July? Well...they found out they are expecting...what awesome news to be thankful for!! Congratulations guys...I love y'all!!

The day after Thanksgiving, Big Daddy was heading to W*lmart for a few big items...I decided I'd go along to help him (read...make sure he actually goes). Y'all, I am not even making this stuff was like what I picture a store looking like if there is ever a food and water was plum crazy. We stayed about 15 minutes and left...they didn't even have very many of anything good. I had to get my pastor's daughters and wife agree with me....This was the WORST it has ever been....y'all I needed some back up...Big Daddy was feeling misled. We returned home and slept.

Then Big Daddy, Hope and Hunter took off for the deer lease for the rest of the week and Love and I went shopping with my Mom. Faith went to my sister's to "hang". We, well I, reduced my list quite nicely. I marked quite a few completely off my "to do's". And, well, I had a productive 12 hours of shopping. And Love, she was a trooper, she is so easy going and fun! She smiled, sang, pushed buggies, entertained folks, waved at the people...she is little Miss Sunshine...she kept a smile on my mom's and my face all day...and laughter...she made us laugh so much. I enjoyed the time with them both so much. We ended, well almost, we had another stop after, our shopping with our yearly after Thanksgiving shopping spree meal at Olive G*rden. Love totally dug the new soup they reminds me of chicken and dumplings...mmmmm.

So, that is about all for now...I am drowning in a sea of laundry and may get the tree set up for when the other half of my family returns from hunting...maybe.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have so much to be thankful for. We have all our basic needs met. We have food, we have water, and we have shelter. Isn't that an awful lot to be thankful for? We take so much for granted, we want sodas or coffee, not water, we want a steak and baked potato but could easily live on rice alone, and we want a house big enough for each person to have their own room (almost) when just a roof and walls to protect us from the weather would be more than sufficient. And then there is health, we all are in good health.

I think above all these things, and maybe it is because they all 4 flow so freely in our home, I am thankful for our family. Immediate family, extended family, our church family, the family of Christ...we have so much family.

But, there are those who do not know the love of one parent, much less both. There are those that have no one to go to for comfort when they ache or a hug when they are scared or a goodnight kiss before bed. Those are the children my heart is consumed with. I just can not imagine...I mean really, can you even fathom having no one? Specifically my heart is burdened for the special needs children in China. Not because the children around the world aren't in great need as well, they so are. But the Lord has taken me to these children, he has shared them with me. I know their faces, I have touched them, and I love them. We must actively advocate for them. Can you imagine being a child living in a orphanage and not being able to physically eat because of a surgery that is done all day, everyday here in the United States? Can you see the child with the missing arm or leg who could really flourish here, not stuck in a corner or confined to a bed? What about a child failing to thrive due to a heart that can be repaired, or at least the opportunity to the care we so readily have available here? What about being an older child...not 19, not 18 but some children, healthy children, are just over 5 years old. Did you know that China's adoption program is not available for children over 14? They may well be left on their own at that point to care for themselves....14?! I have a 14 year old son...he still needs us, a lot!

There is a woman who has adopted 4 special needs children from China...she has a heart for those left behind. She along with support from 3 other moms with waiting children from China have begun a website. I am hoping you have seen the button to the right of my blog....No Hands But Ours(click on the button or the highlighted text to go there). It is a wonderful, helpful, God glorifying resource for families to find out more about adoption...and perhaps it may open their heart to special needs adoption. The site offers specific information about most special needs, resources and links, even a list of waiting children and family stories (our sweet Love's story is shared).

As you enjoy your abundant Thanksgiving meal sharing life and love with your family. Hug your healthy and well fed family inside your safe and cozy home and breathe it in....I encourage you to truly be thankful for all that God has given you. I know you will. I pray your heart is touched. We just have so much to be thankful for and I am guilty of not truly appreciating it ALL, even the everyday. Sorry for the soapbox...just where my heart is.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change is in the Air...

The weather has changed...the wardrobe has changed....and well, our mind has changed.

Before we sold our home we had already put down earnest money on a lot and confirmed plans on our new home to be built. It is a really nice builder. Nothing is left undone. Nothing I would rather have, no changes to be made when there was extra money. Nothing would have to be done...all the bells and least to a family in our income bracket. Get the keys...walk in and live.

But, there is a price to be paid for all that. A price that we just are no longer willing to pay. Not because of the money...well, it is, but more because of the time. Big Daddy has been fortunate enough to have a job at the same company for 19 years...he started young, and it has paid off. He has an income that can provide for a family of 6 without any financial help from me. And let me tell you, we are NOT rolling in the money. Those of you who know our income and figure the number of people it has to feed and clothe have a hard time believing it can be done. But it is....every single month.

Overtime is a beautiful thing...when it isn't mandatory. I that Big Daddy works set hours every single day. He works from 7-3:30 and is home in time for dinner, everyday. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Now, if he wants to or we decide we "need" the extra income, he will work a Saturday or stay over a night or two...but not because he has to. Which is a huge luxury...and that is what we want it to option...not a mandatory means to make the bills.

So, we no longer will have the house we have been dreaming about for the past 3 months. We have moved on...we are on to the new and more fabulous financial peace house. We are renting in a new neighborhood now. We have looked at the houses under construction in this neighborhood off and on. Never really impressed...until, Big Daddy went in and pretty much asked for the world and got it on an incredible, unbelievable deal. What are we to do? We have been praying and praying about making the right decision and it almost felt like the bright lights and singing angels were abound when Big Daddy told me they had accepted our ridiculous offer. Of course, they aren't really doing us any special favors...they just really get away with charging out the kazoo. It would blow your mind what kind of deal Big Daddy has arranged for us. Even after the deal was done...we still had some uneasiness and I read the Proverb for the day and what came blaring back at me in my green highlighted text was:
The rich rules over the poor,
And the borrower becomes the lender's slave.
Proverbs 22:7

I suppose it is right there in black and least for us...confirmation. The only better solution would be to save and pay cash for a home....but, since our new house payment is going to be $30 cheaper than rent...well, we'll just have to save and pay off our mortgage early.

So, that is where we are....instead of having 6 months to wait for our home to be completed, the new deal home will be finished December 23rd and we will close the same day. We will have the rent house through the 31st of December so we will probably just celebrate here and move things in as we go. Oh, and maybe paint a little too, just to add a personal touch...right honey? Or, maybe not :0)

Park Time

Our neighborhood park, well most of it...
Love and my nephew Trev

Hanging out with Daddy

Our sweet Hope having a ball

One thing we have both come to love in our short time here in this house is our neighborhood. We love the multitude of kiddos everywhere, we love the friendly neighbors and we love the park within our neighborhood. We walked to it today while Hope and my nephew Trev rode their bikes. We all had such a good time. I am not exaggerating when I tell you there were at least 30 kids there....little ones on the playground, middle ones playing tag in the open grass and the older ones playing football. It was refreshing to see all that youth and being our age we can appreciate all the energy that was being burned while having fun. I am not sure exactly when it becomes "working out" but when it just takes all the fun out of it...or at least for me :) We are happy with our decision to remain in this already really feels like a good fit.



Love takes full advantage of the open floor plan and pushes the chairs where she'd like to be. Even if that means to the counter top, the pantry, or the refrigerator. Baby girl knows what she wants and she now knows precisely how to get to it. Here she had just helped herself up on the counter and into the sugar bowl...Lovely :) Oh, and when I asked Hope how she ended up there...she told me Love wanted her to sit by her. Oh, what a sweet sister for obliging :0)

Being Boys....

Wanna know what happens when Hunter invites a few friends to stay the night and they get bored? Not door knocking, not prank calling, not graffiti writing, not even texting, well, ya texting too is tent building that took all their energy. Which I was told by all 3 would be easy. Well, about 3 short hours later....this little shelter arose...and weathered the winds to remain up all night. Big Daddy and I knew for sure they'd all 3 be stumbling in during the was pretty cool that night. But, they all withstood the temperature. They all had a blast and had such a sense of accomplishment. They slept on cots in their sleeping they did fine...well, better than fine :0)
The shelter

Hunter's best buddy and partner in crime

They had such a good time "camping" in the backyard that they talked Big Daddy into to taking them to the land to hunt and camp for real. Which believe wasn't a difficult decision for Big Daddy...he's always biting at the bit to go.

Hunter's best friend's dad lost his job recently. We've been praying that he would find a new one soon. I can't imagine being with the same job for 10 years and one day..."poof" it is gone. Nothing he could have done differently, just the economy.

But, guess who has meat to put in the freezer!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Starting to Think About It...

Well, this morning Hope and I were talking. She understands (I think) that she has two mothers...a birthmom in China and me, her forever Mommy. Today she said she wanted me to call her "Ling Xu Qiu" instead of the name we gave her (which does include part of her Chinese name).

Me: Why do you want me to call your name in Chinese?
Hope: Because it is my name. (Girl has got a point here)
Me: Do you want your friends to call you Ling Xu Qiu?
Hope: Yes.
Me: Do you like your name Mommy and Daddy gave you?
Hope: can call me that too.
Me: Oh, alright but it might be confusing to other kids when they
hear us call you so many names.
Hope: That's ok.
Hope: I miss my birthmom. I love her.
Me: I love her too sweetheart. (We went into deeper conversation...her leading of course, but I am gonna keep that part to us, since it is her story and she can tell it when and if she pleases.)

Gosh, I knew these times were coming. And it both breaks and blesses me. She wants to know who grew inside who's tummy all the time. It is a big deal to her that Hunter and Faith grew in my tummy and she and Love did not. I tell her they grew inside my heart. I feel like if I am honest and open it will be easier for her to accept how we became a family and know that we choose to think she joined our family through love...there just isn't any getting around is hard. She is thinking about it more and more and her wheels are turning. I am so thankful we have adoption into the Lord's family as a beautiful example of how you can be born to one father and yet adopted by another forever. It brings me comfort and peace, I pray it will do the same for Hope and Love.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again....

Hey guys!! I have missed my cyber world so wouldn't even believe. I have missed reading about my bloggy friends, reading emails, and access to the dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesarus on a whim. I am spoiled y'all. I know it. I own it.
So, where to start....I guess I will make it one very long post to catch up...otherwise I may miss something or leave something out...which I am probably bound to do with so much going on.
Old House/New House

First, we closed on our house!!! Woo Hoo! Praise the Lord! You have no idea how dicey it became even the day of closing. It could have gone either way. Don't get me wrong, that house served its purpose. We were on Dave Ramsey's plan when we bought it...gonna be out of debt in a matter of and all. Yeah, right. So, we didn't follow the plan. Or even get close. We have failed miserably, but with such good intentions. And But, it is over :)...for now. I am not kidding when I say this was our theme when we moved.

So, we have been living in the rent house now for about 1.5 weeks. We like it very much. It is roomy although less square feet than our last just feels bigger here. Y'all know...more room to spread out and think and just be. Here is a picture of the girls the first morning they woke up here. Just had to document the memory.The kids in the neighborhood have really been a different change of pace for us. The house we just sold was more of a retirement children other than ours but very nice neighbors. The house before that was on 42 no neighbors there either. Big Daddy set up the swing set and I am not kidding within a matter of minutes 5 kids rushed our back yard. Hope had such a ball. In fact, there is one little boy who comes to the door all the time asking..."Can that girl with black hair play?" Oh my word! Hope is eating it up :) Love had to stand on the inside and just watch, there are so many kids in the backyard...which is a bit small. It was sad but she could rest her arms on the window sill and was fine with being a spectator for a little while.

And a house is just a house...right? I mean I don't need fancy things...these thoughts along with the iffy economy has me thinking a lot about what I may want and what I may need. What I need is my husband home and my children need their Dad to be more than a financial father...someone who is present and not stuck at work...a lot. For the neighborhood or the hardwood floors or granite countertops. Thank goodness we have that now, and I am not willing to ask him to give up any time at home for work to pay for those things, and that is all they are really...just things. They won't train my children in the ways they should go, they won't love my kids, play with my kids, protect my kids or direct my kids.....Just thoughts running through my mind a lot lately as I realize we have for sure 4 or 5 years left with Hunter at home full time and then Faith is on his heels...what do I really want to sacrifice for shelter? Not time....time is so precious and never regained...not presence...again, never regained and these are the times the big kids need the most guidance...where the world really tries to feed them full of lies that are so easily accepted and bought into. I'd like, 4 walls, a roof, flooring, electricity, plumbing....please, thats all the upgrades that we really need.


Love's Doctor Visits...

Speaking of Love...she went to the pediatric urologist. She is on watch for 6 months and we will redo the ultrasound then to see if there are any changes. I am not sure he was as well informed on the melamine issue. But, his ultimate decision was the same our pediatrician thought that they would suggest. We saw the associate to the doctor that our pediatrician consulted with...we should have seen him but he was booked out 3 months. I guess there is always a reason for that. Hopefully no more nights with Love sleeping with her hands over her ears or waking up crying.

She had her tubes put in on the 17th, she is doing great. Both Big Daddy and I noticed, especially today that she seems to hear more. She has been holding her ears when something drops or makes a loud sound. And, she is just chattering and repeating like no body's business. I LOVE IT!! And she has been so loving lately-tons of kisses with the kissing sound and hugs and pats and rubs....all unsolicited :) She is....pure, living, joy.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Snack Shack...Anyone?

So, why in the world the photo of the snack shack at Target? Well, being the bright one that I am...I locked my keys in my suburban. They must have fallen out of the diaper bag...I can't imagine I would be scatterbrained enough to do it the way it seemed...something had to have happened...the evidence is misleading. So, we enjoyed slurpees and popcorn...yes, it is some rodent, maybe. But, it was a way to waste time and spend minimal dollars. Of course Big Daddy swooped in to release us.

Faith's New Locks

Took off about 6 or 7 inches....

The New do

Faith hasn't really cut her hair in so many years...long bangs, long hair. It needed more than a trim and was in poor condition. She is pretty rough on it. I love her new look. Don't tell her but she reminds me of my baby girl back in the day...way before the 'tude and the dudes...ha!


Hunter's Birthday!!

Hunter wanted a family birthday at Babe's...he has eaten here the past 3 or 4 birthdays. He is not too cool to just want the friends birthday. He wants his family around...he thrives on it. We had both sets of grandparents, our family, Uncle Kev, Aunt JuJu, Bella and Auggie and our nephew and his wife. It was a lot of fun. They weren't too busy on Thursday so we just stayed and hung out well after we were done eating. It was such a good time. They came and sang to him and made him wear a paper cone in his mouth, a hen hat with long yellow braids and go to the center aisle and flap his arms up and down and walk up and down the main aisle as they sang happy birthday. And y'all to my surprise the boy did it willingly and had a little bounce in his step as he did it. I love seeing him let loose and just have fun.

He had a friends only party too. He and a few friends went to the skate park for the day. They all enjoyed it and it was crazy crowded. It was some special anniversary day and I think every kid that skates within a 50 mile radius was accounted for. It gave him an opportunity to hang out, mingle, observe and take advantage of the rails, boxes, ramps, jumps, drop ins...all of it. He ended up talking us into going by the mall to buy a new gift for himself...a very sturdy rail, it is heavier and wider...ya know...more to grind on. Ahh..if you'd have told me my boy would be a skater kid 5 years ago, I'd laugh. I can promise this...we do not have a couch potato or a kid that plants and grows in front of video games...he is active...always has been, and probably always will be. I have great respect for his mad skating is so much harder than you can imagine. I am proud he has found a sport that he loves, enjoys and pushes himself to be better.

My sweet baby boy turned 14 on the 13th. I will never forget the day you were were too early and too small. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was scared for you to be born as early as you were and you lived in the NICU for 9 very long weeks. You were the one to make me a mom....a title that I don't carry lightly. You, all 3.5 pounds of you rocked my helped me see outside myself and learn how to serve another person with joy and patience and love. How were we ever given the gift of you...I will never know....we simply do not deserve you. You have brought incredible joy to our lives and we are so thankful that you are our son. We enjoy you so much. I can't help may look like and sound like a man but when you come around the corner sometimes I still see the sweet, two year old chubby cheeked, blond headed bowl cut with the big blue eyes and a smile that would capture the room. When did my baby boy go and grow up? Sniff...sniff..


Seeing Beauty
One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing the beauty through their eyes. Especially simple things, things in everyday life that I may look past. For instance, Hope brought me a weed in from the yard....and she was beaming..."Mom, Mom, I got you something." Me, "Really, what is it?" Hope, "It is the most beautiful yellow flower Mommy...and it is all the way open." I smile just hearing the joy in her heart to bring me such a wonderful gift...and she blesses me with showing me beauty in a weed. I think, they don't smell good, they die quickly after picking them and if you wait until they go to seed they just make a big 'ole mess. But, if you really look at a dandelion, they are beautiful...sure they can overrun a yard in a season and have roots that go forever but that is beautiful too, really. It makes me reflect back to God and how often I think of myself as a weed. One that has gone awry, one that sometimes does not have that pleasing aroma, one that can make a big 'ole mess and would be much easier to pull up and throw to the side or let shrivel because of the condition of my heart...but He doesn't. He sees the beauty in me always...even when I don't...He does. I just love that.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick Check In...

Hey y'all! We've been moving like crazy. I picture us like the ants in a hill that some kid spits on....we are going in so many different directions...can't keep focused without our routine. So, we won't have internet at our new home until the 21st. Hopefully we will update through the parents though. It is not even right how much I have missed our computer. My son acutally made the comment..."Mom, it's been nice you not being on the computer so much....OUCH!!"

Love is doing well, we are off to the urologist this morning. She is healing really well from the laser treatment and having a ball at the new house....We have a circle at our house...more later :)

Hope had her last soccer game...3 goals!! She had a blast and received an extra special momento...more later....oh, guys, I have so much to tell.

Hunter is loving the new digs...across the street from your best does life get better?

Faith is still texting up a storm...her neck seriously hurts from it....looking down and texting...does anyone else know what I am talking about here? I pick the kids up at school and realize...I should be a chiropractor...hundreds and hundreds look just like her. Oh my!

My very pregnant sister took a fall yesterday helping us her defense she only had a hand full of was scary though. Luckily she has one of those heart beat detector thingies and we checked him out...he is still beating up a storm and moving like crazy. She caught herself by sacrificing all parts of her body to protect her baby cub. Her face...well, it is a bit scratched up, as is her ankle, both knees and her elbow. But, the belly, she is a beauty, not a even a scratch...way to go little Momma!!

For this sweet family....hang in there...we are all still praying faithfully for you :)

Well, that's all for now folks....taking a deep felt like I said all that without breathing

Thursday, November 6, 2008

For me?

Late last night Hunter came in from the store with Big Daddy. He was calling for Hope. He was disappointed she was asleep, which was a bit unusual. I didn't think much more on it. Then this morning, he woke Hope up early. He was pretty excited about something. He told her to come with him, he bought something for her. And in her sweetest, early morning voice she responded..."Bubba, you bought something for me?" (It about brought tears to my eyes) And he grabbed her by the hand and led her into his room. He received $10 yesterday from a little bird...who will remain nameless for now. And the boy spent a good chunk of it on his little sister. To say she was surprised would not be enough. She was completely caught off guard (and she wasn't the only one). He purchased her a little tech deck. She loves them, because he does. He usually gets on to her for getting them out of his room and losing them...which makes them all the more appealing to her, because they are off limits. She was so happy with his generosity. She just smiled from ear to ear and gave him a big hug. Trust me when I say it isn't his nature...he loves her don't get me wrong, but he is still a teenager with a nosey little 4 year old sister. I enjoyed being a part of the background as this situation unfolded this morning...I stayed out of sight but followed behind them as they went together. I realized more than ever....She can be bothersome to him....But, he loves her completely none the less...just don't tell anybody, k?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Words of Wisdom...

This morning before Love's surgery I happened to look at the blog list...and behold the words my heart needed to hear were found. And I will be honest, they hurt a little bit. I was still in the sulk and moan cycle, which brings absolutely no glory to God. It wasn't the outcome I had prayed for...but my God is no less sovereign. For those of you who felt like me...may your heart be encouraged by the biblical wisdom and truth spoken :)

3rd Treatment....

Well, today started off bright and early. Love did well to stay awake most of the drive to the hospital. She was very good even until they took her back. They did the nose spray first to relax her. It didn't work as well this time. She didn't cry but she wasn't "feelin' it" like before. They blocked me from her view as they took her away. It made me sad but I understood the reasoning behind it.

The doctor came out and shared his thoughts about her treatment. He thinks it will look even better, he increased the energy again this time for most areas and kept it the same for her neck. She did have quite a few of the grayish areas this time, which is a good sign. He wants her back for another treatment in 3 more months. She woke up pretty upset and was in quite a bit of pain. They gave her a shot of pain medication in her IV. It put her out again and when she finally woke up she was doing much better. In fact she has done very well all day. One short nap in the car and she has been going and going all day. Having no less fun, she acts like nothing has happened. If it goes like last time, she won't be uncomfortable until the spots start to "peel". Our little girl is such a trooper. She never ceases to amaze me how well she handles these things. I am so thankful for your prayers and please know that they made a difference :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love's Laser in the Morning...

This photo was taken about two months after Love's 2nd treatment...for you fellow port wine stain momma's doesn't it look good? I was really able to see the circular spots fade and some even completely disappear near her temple after the last treatment. For those of you who don't know us personally, I wonder if you ever even noticed her birthmark.

Love has her 3rd laser treatment for her PWS at 6:30 in the morning at the satellite hospital. I am not looking forward to being there that early. I am looking less forward for her having to endure the treatment. For those of you who don't know why we are having these procedures done, go here it speaks about her 2nd treatment. So, if you feel led, would you please pray for Love? I would love nothing more than for her to have zero pain and wonderful results. I guess the only thing that makes me a little uneasy feeling is the fact that they put her under to do the treatment. But, I do not doubt that He has it all under control. And I know the Lord loves her even more than we do...and that is the biggest comfort. A big thank you to my sister for keeping Hope and my sil for taking Hunter and Faith to mind rests easy knowing they are all well taken care of while we will be gone. Thanks you all :)


  • We started moving today....remind me, why we are moving again....twice?

  • Moving is my number one least favorite thing to do...who brought all their junk to our house and left it for us to pack? And why does it look so much like the stuff we just had to have?

  • Love took off her diaper yesterday right next to the toilet and proceeded to urinate me a nice little puddle. I did give her praise for it...we are NOT in the potty training mode at all, my first reaction when I realized what she had done was "Oooh Nooo!" And yes, I did actually sniff the puddle to confirm the contents....not smart. It reminds me of us we think we smell something funky, and then we lift those little hineys up right in front of our noses and take a big whiff....why do we do that? Have you ever had a false positive? Not best advice is if you think its poop...well, then it is need in going there.

  • Hope has been saying some really funny stuff lately and I have forgotten most of it....but some of the words she is using.... coffee-ing you (means copying you), Mary had a little lamb who lived inside a stone (not fleece is white as snow), while being a cop she told me I had the paternity to break the law....(opportunity?), she's moved on from Halloween now- thanks to the big ToysRUs flyer, she's ready for Christmas...and she wants a monster truck...are you really surprised?

  • I am re-reading Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore....have I told you lately that I love her? I have the pretty 90 Day Devotional Book too...super fantastic stuff!

  • Sharing some Beth and blanket time.

  • There are only about 50 days until Christmas, can't wait...while moving boxes our little Christmas Pinocchio kept singing to us and our tree triming box popped open...I love the whole season of Christmas, it is such a special time.

  • But, I love Thanksgiving too...

  • Does anyone else get a little nervous during an address change? We have lost so much mail in our past moves...we opened a PO Box until our house is built...which they appear to be in no big hurry. Not impatient, just stating facts.

  • Our TV blew up yesterday out of the blue...would y'all be disappointed to know I am sad...I lost my weather and my music channel and I want my, I want my, I want my HGTV (anyone else hear Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" in their head? Totally dating myself here I know.)

  • I love to hear kids laugh....makes my heart smile....Hunter tickling Love below
  • I don't know if I can stomach watching the votes roll in for president. I am blessed that my TV went out.
  • Ok, no pressure or anything but I am hoping and praying for even bigger news the following day...the 5th would be a great day to hear great news...dontcha think? And if no news comes...well, we'll just keep praying for a special blessing :)
  • Remember this post, well, my flying lessons must have flew south for the winter...they are out the window....I am back to living in CHAOS.
  • Big Daddy and Hunter went hunting this weekend...both got a deer...Hunter's was bigger. He is a pretty good shot too. My dad smoked deer and hog and then finished it between two ovens, our house and theirs. I am seriously nauseated by the smell...shoooo-weee, food never smelled so wrong...the flies won't even come in with the door wide open. It is that bad...but it doesn't taste as bad as it smells...but who can even get past it? Well, Big Daddy and Hope can, that's who...they ate it for breakfast.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Because It Matters...

Baby Bella

I have been following the trip of Love Without Boundaries to Hefei, China. They are on a medical mission to administer care and life changing surgeries to the orphans of China. These particular children are close to my heart. They all have the same diagnosis as our Love. A vascular anomaly, dealing specifically on this trip with hemangiomas. We happen to have a very precious young lady in our family named Bella, our niece. And when I read the last post on the LWB blog it broke my heart. There is a precious baby also named Bella who went to be with the Lord yesterday evening. I will rejoice that she is in heaven and completely healed. I praise Him in knowing every detail of her life and being the only Father she will ever know....and although I am human and sad for what she did not have, a family here on Earth....she is blessed beyond measure to be safe in His arms. So, while I don't know this sweet baby girl, I know many like her and her life is worth being remembered, her life mattered. I don't know if you know but the meaning of the name "Bella" in most languages is "Beautiful"...and I know while she was here many probably did not see that physically in her but, trust this, she is restored and healed now more beautiful than even we can, we will meet in heaven precious, beautiful Bella:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Ninnie!

My very favorite sister in the whole world turned 34 today. Hard to believe! I remember like yesterday those nights back in grade school, you'd beg me to sleep in my room because you were afraid....and I'd fight you tooth and nail to prove a point and eventually, after mom said you couldn't....I'd let you...scaredy cat :) The only thing I miss about working is being able to share my day with you at the office...I miss that. You are the most supportive, kindest, generous and sweetest sister ever. I'd do well to learn from you . I get the biggest blessing watching you love my children like they were your very own. Happy Birthday little sister.
We all love you more than words!!

This is what happens when...

You have a bath ready for your 2 year old and your phone rings.....she came to me totally naked(she removed her thankfully unsoiled diaper), both arms raised in the air, shouting "Tah-Dah!" over and over. Hmmmm....Come to find out she got bored in the three minutes I was talking to my grandmother and decided to toss anything in site into the tub...and she was dern proud of it :) This little chick is gonna give me a run for my money...don't they have a saying about having children being a payback...? Well, I don't think it is right if it happens to you because of your spouse's childhood, ha! Just kiddin' honey. If only you could have seen her face light up telling me about what she had accomplished...she was just so delighted with herself....what can one do? Yep, just laugh and grab the camera :)

Just Treatin'

Last night the girls had so much fun!! We had a little trouble getting started...we had originally set our minds on leaving at 5:30. We just go around town to see family. We went to see my parents, Big Daddy's parents, both of my grandmas, my great aunt, and my aunt and uncle...all in this town...that is a lot of family, huh? It normally wouldn't take until 10:00 but it did because of all the traffic and we don't just go up to the door...we visit. Which is a lot of fun too!

Hope's outfit is pretty special. My grandmother, Totsie; made it for me waayyy back when I was a little girl. It is 32 years old and looks like brand new. Faith wore it when she was 4 and if I have anything to do with it Love will wear it when she is big enough too. It is just such a cute little outfit. Hope really didn't want to be a bumble bee...she wanted to be Batman. Then when she realized that battle wasn't going to be won she decided she would wear her boots with her costume, they are regular girly black boots, not western. She said she was going to tell everyone she was a cowboy instead. It was funny.

Love was our little lady bug. Love's outfit was Hope's outfit when she celebrated her first Halloween. She didn't much like having the head part on, which I don't blame her and it was a fairly warm evening so the outfit itself was hot. But she was just precious!

Hunter decided last minute he would go to his friends house. We had to throw together a last minute outfit...he and Big Daddy came back with the hat and we added a moustache. I thought he looked pretty good for no more thought that went into it. Of course the Holli$ter shirt didn't pull it together at all. He only wanted to use minimal effort. Oh and y'all....he blessed his momma so much last night. He called me into his room to show me his collection of candies. And my boy had it in piles...Be still my love of separating and sorting has been passed on :)

Faith was at a friends house and dressed as a fairy...without any wings. It was sad, but borrowed so how could I complain? She ended up having so much fun. I had bought her the red wig I wore...I thought she'd make a cute hillbilly. She didn't want to be something silly though. She had her friend stay over last night and the chatting went on and on and on. I should have removed the sugar early only fueled the fire :)

So now...the amount of candy at our house is obscene. It is crazy, over the top too much. In fact, our dentist just may be going to the Bahama's on our family bill alone. Just kidding...we are stocking up on Colgate too!! They won't be eating all of makes a nice little bowl at the top of the fridge...of course the big kids are no longer too little to get to it....maybe I'll put it in a closet...there is just too much temptation....maybe it should go with Big Daddy to work :) Another thing that seems to be passed on is to pass out the treats to the trick or treaters. Everyone of our kids loves going to Totsie's with the big glass door and wait on them to come...and come they groves. Anytime there was a break in the groups Hope would keep asking..."when are they coming?" Even Love helped pass out candy. I love that they enjoy being the givers of the goods:)

All in all it was a great evening. The little girls had a blast, especially Hope...she asked this morning..."Mom, how long until we go trick or treating again?" A long time honey :)