Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2nd Treatment...

Love had her 2nd laser treatment this morning for her port wine stain. She is doing really well. The doctor did increase the amount of energy he used this time. And, I am pretty sure that may be the cause of some of the blisters. She didn't have them last time. She also had to have pain medication when she woke up, and we didn't need that last time either. She is a real trooper. I don't understand how she does so well.

They took us back to the room and squirted this sedation that goes up her nose...she wasn't happy but after about 4 minutes she didn't care where she was or who she was with. Then once back they gave her an iv and used the mask to put her completely under. I don't like the fact that she has to be put to sleep but we will do what is necessary to make her most comfortable and the doctor to be able to make the biggest difference. She came out of the sedation really well and hasn't seemed to have much if any pain. She did get sick a couple of times in the car on the way home...I think that is from the pain medication. So, she came home got a bath and has eaten some crackers. She is just as smiley and loving as ever. We are all about to go down for a nap. Big Daddy went to get us breakfast while we waited for her to come out of surgery. He went to Seekers and a local christian radio station was there. They prayed for Love over the air and he got 2 free Hawaiian Falls tickets to boot...pretty cool.

Just to let you know...we aren't doing this because we think Love would be any prettier without her fact, her birthmark is exactly what brought her to us through the Special Needs list. She is beautiful and her birthmark is part of her. But as she ages there are complications and problems that can be avoided or diminished by taking these steps early on.

I am thankful that this time seems to be about the same thus far with Love experiencing pain. I am just gonna go ahead and give all that glory to God...I know and have read how much worse it could be...thanks for your prayers...we felt them :)

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