Sunday, June 29, 2008

Awww...for the love of snot!!

Well, 3 of the 4 kids are sick now...and Big Daddy. Hope and Love both have double ear! And Hope has bronchitis, Love was on her way but hopefully we caught it soon enough. The funny thing is, they don't have fever or act too sick. But, I have been keeping them fairly medicated. So the days are seeming longer as the kids are fussier and allowed very little time outdoors...too hot and then the coughing starts up real nice. Hunter has had a terrible headache for days and now he too has the ever fashionable cough...lucky guy. So we have been to the doctor, the pharmacy and the grocery store...Popsicles are the best least that is what Hope believes.

I have been thrown up on, sneezed on, coughed on, hacked on and have even been used as a Kleenex. Good Times!

Seriously, I think they will snap out of it pretty quick. The antibiotics are in for 3 days now...that is usually our turning point. But, as far as all the time indoors...that is getting old fast. Oh, and we had to pass up a fun filled afternoon with the sil's pool with ear infections. Ummm...can we request a rain check...or should I say a sunny afternoon check???

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Huge News....


Yep! Another precious baby will join our family!!!

She is 12 weeks along and due in January.

Shocked, well, yes....excited, absolutely!

I am going to be Aunt....again ;0)

Dancing to Peter....

Love is a dancer. She digs this one song. It is a very special song...not everyone can get there groove on to it...but talented...and has some pretty good ballet moves, although she has no idea what ballet is.....Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Broken Heart.....

Omigoodness....last night was probably one of the hardest nights (actually about 3 hours) I have had to endure as a mother....I don't know if I am made of the stuff Mom's are supposed to be made of...I think I am failing pretty miserably to be honest.

My oldest daughter had her heart broken last night. I am talking full on heart broken...I know her heart will never be the same. This will be the one she remembers...I think. Has she had a "boyfriend" - well not according to my definition. But to her, and her heart, which is what really matters here...ummm, she would say.

I keep thinking where did I fail in preparing her for this? I am sure we talked about this and boys and how sometimes, some boys are just more fascinated with getting the girl than the actual girl. But, this was 'the' boy....the one she has 'liked' for about 6 months....and this summer, well, he took notice. And he is good...he says the right things, heck...he posted "I love you Faith" on his stinkin' do you do that and remain really cool as a young man? And this kid is cool. And from what I hear, calculated.

I lost it...I mean, completely lost it....I could not bear it or fix it or speak it away. It was something she had to endure and it was bound to happen but I was caught off guard. She is tough...she doesn't cry easily or often. But, y'all this girl was crushed and was crying like I don't think I have seen in probably a good 10 years. Broke my heart to see my baby hurting....Big Daddy, he didn't get first. I tried to tell him why I was crying (I didn't do it in front of Faith)...I am not talking wailing...just silent, can't really speak, tons of tears felt stupid when it was happening...but I just couldn't control it....I am also going to claim the woman syndrome it is true and perhaps it played a part with my feelings. is a Mom supposed to be able to stand there and not lose it when we too experienced that first broken heart and identify with the heartache that accompanies it? I couldn't lie to her and doesn't matter...because y' does. As silly as some may think this wasn't to her and if you can think back to your first crush...I am sure you will remember (maybe only females...not sure about the males) how devastating it felt, even if you were 12.

There is something that happens when you become a Mom...I have heard that old saying :
"Making the decision to parent a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." I think it is true.

Just to clarify, it was her hurting heart that got me...I wasn't crazy over her liking this kid...discouraged it as much as I could. Her friends and Hunter's friends warned her about him. But you know how it goes. Oh, and I wasn't upset at the actual fact that he decided he didn't want to "go out with her" anymore, actually it was a blessing and I think she even knows that. She had thought a few times about breaking up with him because of things he would say...oh, sorry, I mean text...totally different, and never to her face. And she couldn' I feel like the Lord stepped in for her...He sees the big picture and He is her father and He loves her and wants what is best for her, even when it hurts.

When Big Daddy finally saw her, and realized how upset she was he wanted to swoop in on the white horse and rescue her. He offered her Marble Sl*b, Bra*ms and eventually it was St*rbucks that got her up and out. She came in to tell me she would be back in a minute and was still crying....oh, Lord, bless this time with Big Daddy and Faith. He said he spoke, she listened..but in about an hour after they returned...she was back, Vanilla Frappuccino in hand and recovered soon, very nice. I had wanted to be the one to take Faith...but I stepped back and let Big Daddy take her. I know how important that relationship is and how much it needs to be nurtured and protected.

By the end of the night...she was "thankful" that she wasn't going out with him anymore...did you all here that...."thankful".....ahhh, now that's my girl ;0)

*Just for the record...Faith approved this post...I'd never share something so personal without her permission.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just some pics...

Hunter home from camp...Love kept sneaking off the bed during nap time...but feel sound asleep with him by her side ;)

Ahhh....our little Love

Just sweet...I love the little hands :)

The little girls were fighting over the sit n I said "share" and then left the room. When I came back to hear what all the laughter was about this is what I saw....I meant share like take turns and they took it like share...both can do it together....either sure looked like fun!
My camera has been invaded with self portraits like these...all kinds, the peace, the rock on, the shocked and the cool or is it kewl? She is too funny.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ahhh...the past...on record...

Well, we were searching (tearing apart the house) in search of Big Daddy's pastoral ordination certificate. I have to give myself credit, because credit is due. Y'all, I put that thing away so safely...I can't even find it. I remember thinking, I really need to get this framed quickly and I put it away in a safe spot. Hmmm...anyway.

I came across a journal I had written when the kids were in 2nd and 3rd grade. I was a stay at home mom to kids that were in school full time...go timing has always been a little off. I came a cross a post from 9/30/2003. It reads Watched another Baby Story. How those stories make me yearn for another baby even more. He said the older guys at work said that I would get over it in about a year or two....I have even considered adoption...He is totally against it-he doesn't think he could love another child like our own....I think he could. Then on 10/9/2003 I wrote that I have been on the computer the past 2 days looking at all these beautiful children that need families. I know I could love that child just like my own two. My heart breaks for these kids. He wants to get a vasectomy reversal so that we can try for another baby. Later in the entry I wrote The procedure is so costly. I still would love to go through with it but in the back of my heart I feel like it is God telling us to accept the decision we made back in 1996. There is a reason it is so I supposed to bring in a child from the foster care system? Am I just supposed to be embrace my family every minute like it were my last? And at the end of the entry I wrote...For now I will just wait for which direction God wants our family to go. I feel like I am tugging on the reigns too hard. I am just going to let go of them for a while. If I am supposed to have another child - I will.

I read these outloud to Big Daddy and tears kept coming to my was a fresh smell of the past.

All I can say is we serve an awesome God!! Never would I have imagined submitting our first paperwork for adoption 5 months after this post. And the 10/03 post I shared with you is exactly the time that Hope's birth mom would have become pregnant with her!!! Omigoodness...cold chills!! I am so thankful that God allowed me to stumble across this shows how he was softening and changing our hearts for a baby that was conceived, half way across the world, I am not talking coincidence...I am talking true divine intervention!!! Isn't it cool that He totally had it planned out to every last detail?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Purple in our bathtub.

Too Much Fun!

Love throwing the sand...again.

Love this expression. The first time the sand actually stayed formed like the bucket.

Loving the box!

Seriously, purple haze is all over our bathtub. No, it isn't something we anticipated...but it is here and we are dealing with it. Ha! We filled the sandbox a few nights ago. And the little girls are in it nonstop. They love it! The evenings have been nice and breezy and the sand play extensive. I happened to come across the purple sand in WalM*rt. I fun! And, it is bound to be easier to keep the sand out-you would be able to see it and dust it off because of the bold color. The plan failed but the is plentiful ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hillbilly Moment ;0)

Daddy sang this song to Hope a couple of nights ago at bedtime. She asked him..."Do you know any stories?" And he responded...."Come and listen to a story 'bout a man name Jed" She has been singing it ever since. We think it is so cute....I am not sure but could this be a - "You might be a redneck if...." moment? Ha!

Anniversary and Camp

Anniversary Celebration and Camp

For Hope's Forever Family Anniversaries we always go out to eat, Chinese of course. This year she was old enough to pick. She loves Panda Express, so that is where we went. It was funny Hope's fortune cookie read "Your laugh and enthusiasm pleases those around you"...completely fitting. Mine read : "You will win success in whatever you adopt"...completely fitting as well. I don't believe in fortunes or luck for that matter but it was rather unique that two of them fit so well for such a big day for our family. We had spent the day at my nephew's party and they were played out from the baby pool. They had such a good time.

Today I dropped Hunter to his first youth camp with church. He'll be gone 5 days. I will miss him. I am hoping he has a great time. He got a little "cold feet" last night. He was good when I dropped him off but much better the second time I went to the church...he forgot his belt. I am praying for him to have an experience that goes beyond camp. That the words shared with him land on fertile ground. That he would hear with both his ears and heart. That Jesus would become even more real to him. There are over 600 kids attending this camp....gosh, I wish I could have gone....there is nothing more exciting than to see kids come to know Jesus, or rededicate their lives to Him. It is awesome. I believe by taking away the electronic world our kids live in (no cell phones, ipods, gameboys and the like) their hearts are more receptive to the Word of God and the love shared. It opens them up to a new experience...called face to face talking, listening and the icing is having adults there that care about them and their eternity. If you ever have the chance to volunteer at a youth camp...don't pass it is good stuff! But, that being said...I still miss my boy ;0)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

I happen to have a great Dad. He provided our family the wonderful gift of having a full time at home parent. Didn't care for it so much growing up...she was always up in my bizness...ha! But, it wasn't until after my children were born that I really understood what he did for our family by working so hard to allow my Mom to stay home with us. Thanks Dad! He is not a real affectionate guy, emotional guy or talkative guy. I find him reserved, quiet, content, hard working, and faithful. He laid a great foundation for us as far as marriage, they have been married 37 years. That in itself speaks volumes. He will give advice but not without the prompting. He is supportive, he is smart...and fortunately he has a dry sense of humor like me...otherwise no one would get my jokes. He has been a wonderful grandfather to my children. He sees the importance of being present, he comes to the sporting events, school functions, and parties. He is someone my son looks up to. He is someone my husband can go to for help. And my daughters all adore him...although the eldest would rather no one know it...gosh, she reminds me of me. I Love You Dad!

My father in law is also a great Dad. He helped form my husband into the man he has become. He is a man of God. He cares about others eternity. I have great admiration for him. He also sets a high standard for marriage...he treats my mother in law like gold. He also sets the bar pretty high for what my girl's may look for in a mate. He is smart, loving, kind, and thoughtful. He is so good with my kids. He will play with the little ones outside and inside and he gushes about them to others. He has such a sweet heart. I love you too Paw Paw!

My husband, the father to our children, I love you. I am so proud of the father you have become. We have 4 great kids. They know and love Jesus because of your spiritual leadership. When we spoke about me becoming a stay at home parent, you said you would make it happen and you have. I know you work hard to provide for our family. Thank you....I love that you feel it is just as important for me to be home with them. You have no idea the gift you have given me. I see how our children look to you for protection...whether it be a thunderstorm, bugs, a noise or bad dreams...they want you to hold them, kill the bug, check the noise or chase the monsters away. I love that they trust you enough to rely on you for those things. They also know that you will be there for matter what...that you discipline out of love...not anger...that you want what is best for them...even when it isn't popular or easy. I love that you love on your kids...all of them...hugs, kisses, pats on the back, tickles, and a little rough them each a kiss on the cheek before you leave for work and saying prayers with them at night. I love that you have fallen in love with each of them...I can still see it in your eyes...and I cherish the moment you laid eyes on each of them for the first time. You cried every time. You were taking video of our first born...Hunter and you were so excited and engrossed in the moment that the doctor had to ask you to stand back..thank goodness that was a C-section. Then Faith came...and you were so started crying before she even completely entered the world. Then Hope...when they brought her to us you had tears of joy. And then, recently with Love, you again had tears holding our precious baby girl for the first time. I know that you would lay down your life for any one of them. I am so thankful that you are my husband and the father to my children. You are wonderful. I love you with all my heart!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy 3rd Forever Family Day!! We Love You Hope!! (Note to self: Brown Eyed Girl, In My Daughter's Eyes, My Wish, Cinderella)

Happy Forever Family Day...3 Years Already!!

June 14, 2008 (posted on the 13th)

Three years ago today was one of the most special days of our lives. We arrived in Nanchang, Jiangxi, The People's Republic of China. We had traveled to receive our 2nd daughter, Ling Xu Qiu. Minutes after we arrived at our hotel we were whisked away to get out daughter. We held our Hope in our arms for the very first time. She was just 10.5 months old and completely precious. She had a head of thick black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and porcelain skin. The nannies were so proud of her fair skin. They told us how beautiful she was and how many nannies wept when she left. She was their "Xue Baochai"~(Xue Baochai is one of the principal characters in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is extremely beautiful and socially graceful.) Xue BaoChai was her nickname.

We received the most amazing gift that day~our daughter.. Words can not describe what we felt. After much prayer, waiting and preparing our family grew instantly into 5. She was breathtaking, literally.

She has been one of the biggest joys in our life. She loves to be loved on and loves to snuggle and cuddle. She needs the security of Mom or Dad at bedtime...for "just one minute". She has more energy than the energizer bunny. She is inquisitive, smart as a whip, encouraging and has been quite enlightening when it comes to what the older kids have done or said. She is a 14 year old in a 3 year old body. She speaks like an adult and will hold a conversation with the best of them - but, not strangers.

My Dearest Hope,

I can't believe it was 3 years ago today that we were able to hold you for the first time. I had longed for you to be with us for 15 months. There was no greater feeling than being able to finally hold you and tell you how much I loved you. You bring sunshine in the room. You bring such joy to our life. You amaze me. You are beautiful. You are mine. I still don't know how we were ever chosen to be your family. We are not worthy to be your parents. But I thank God everyday that we are. I love you more than all the stars in the sky!!


Happy Birthday To My Nephew!!

Happy Birthday Lo Man!!

I remember exactly 9 years ago today. Your mom had some complications during her time carrying you and was on bed rest for a long, long time. But, it was time and your mom had been having labor pains for a while. I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad were they. She told me an 8. I figured things are really moving...turns out that 8 was really more like a 2. She was miserable a few days. She even went to the hospital only to be sent home. She did not want to go back unless they would keep her and she could finally meet you. So....I took her to the track and we walked and walked and walked...even did quite a few deep knee bends....she was in full blown...hurting like crazy labor by the time we drove to the hospital. She almost kicked out the window in my Explorer. You had decided now was the time and you weren't being patient. I thought your mom would kill me. Your mom got her epidural (pain medicine) as soon as we got there and was fine. You were coming quickly, but we were in the middle of a game of cards. The nurse asked us all to step out except your Dad and darn it if you didn't just slide right out with us all waiting in the hallway....crazy, unpredictable kid!!

You are such a wild and crazy boy - full of energy . You are a great baseball player. You are so sweet with our little girls and really do well with babies too, you are sensitive...and don't let anyone give you any slack about it. You have been such a joy to watch grow up and become the little man that you are to be. You have told me about your way with the ladies too ;0) You are very adventurous and brave too. In fact, you haven't backed down to matter the age or gender when they were doing something wrong...remember every time I have taken you to the pool? I always had to come and get you out of a would bite off waaayyy more than you should be chewing ;) But, that's my Lo Man!

Love you, you big 'ole 9 year old!! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Playin' Around...

Our swimmer gurl....I love the expression on Hope's face Love playing in the rice...she has a ball! The last picture is what her face looks like if you say "Cheese" while taking a photo ~ everytime. Little Ham :)

Hope working on her crafts...she glued foamies to photo frames, painted, colored...she was busy, busy, busy!! Isn't she just beautiful?

Well, yesterday....
We had a wonderful day at the sil and bil's house. We spent all day over there, came home for a sleep break and went back until night time. The pool was great, the swimming was great, the company was great. We, unfortunately had to bomb our house...those stinkin' fruit flies are everywhere. I guess it was the bananas. They were driving me crazy! So we needed a refuge. And my sil was willing to put up with us for the day. I managed to end up with a sunburn...yuk!
We have spent most of our time around the house today....the girls did crafts and I tried to clean....not complete success but near. Love digs playing in rice with bowls and measuring spoons. She will sit there forever...I have to make her get down. Hope was busy doing her "work".
Today marked Faith's second day of summer school. Get this...she says she likes it, it's fun and different! I hope this new found fondess lasts :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One of Our Finest Family Treasures.....

My grandmother....

She had a stroke this weekend, well, actually had her 2nd stroke. Although, we didn't know about the first one. She was also just diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She is 86. I know it is not completely fact, I had prepared myself for something like this. But still, when it happens, your somehow not as prepared for it as you might hope.

She has such a strong presence in my life. She had prepared Sunday lunch for our family from the time I was a baby up until my kids were in 1st and 2nd grade ~every Sunday. She taught me how to read and would spend hours teaching me and listening to me ~ hours. Her house was where I wanted to be when my parents went out or had bowling night or whatever. She was always excited and encouraging about what I would draw, story I would tell, or poem I would write (and she kept a bunch of them...and they weren't good at all). On the nights that I would spend with her we would play a game where we would trace letters, numbers, or names on each others backs with our finger. The other one would guess what was being drawn. We would do it until I fell asleep. It was the silly things, the everyday things, the things that take time, the relationship she nurtured. Gosh....she is the kind of grandmother I hope to be. I don't remember her ever putting herself above or before anyone ever ~anyone.

She is loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled(I don't know if I have ever seen her angry). She possess all the fruits of the Spirit. She is a true servant, she lives to serve people. She took my two oldest to and from preschool everyday while I worked. She would look forward to it, she said.

She hasn't had an easy life. She has worked before working women were "cool". She lost two great loves in her life way too early....her teenage son in '63 and her husband in '66. Yet, I don't think she ever dwelled on it. She just worked her tail off as a single mom. She supported her kids and has never dated or remarried. She was/is devoted to her husband....she still wears her wedding ring and he has been gone for over 40 years. She just lost her last son almost 2 years ago. My mom is her last living child. She would do anything for my mom ~ anything.

She is an amazing daughter, mother, sister, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, friend, neighbor...She has such a beautiful heart. I guess it may sound like I put her on a pedestal, and I guess I do. I don't know a single person like her.

It may sound like we've been told she's been given a short time to live...that isn't the case. Unfortunately, sometimes, it takes things like this to really understand what life would be like without someone you love. And I love her, we all do....more than words. She is just precious.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wii Are Gonna Get Fit

We bought the Wii Fit this past weekend. We, well really I, had been wanting it for a few weeks now. The kids received this fabulous gift card from Game St*p for Christmas from my aunt and uncle. I thought it would be the perfect way to spend it. They have been out by the time I get around to the stores for a while now. The kids weren't so sure about buying something that contain the word "Fit". But, really, they had no choice. It would be the best all around age pleaser.

Y'all it is so much fun...really! My kids are constantly wanting to play it...not getting that they are becoming more fit as they do. I love it too! It is a lot more challenging than what it sounds. By far Hunter is the best with the balance and Hope is best with the aerobics. Daddy and I did the 3 minute run and we were both out of breath (don't laugh...that little Mii ahead of us was fast). Hope runs it and asks if she can run it didn't even phase her. Love, she has been on the Wii board and even scored some points on the soccer balance game - too funny! She goes and gets on her little pink step stool, puts it down beside the person playing and copies them playing the game...laughing the whole time. It is quite funny.

So, y'all come over. Wii would like to play ;0)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Looks Can Be Deceiving...

Can you even believe that this little sweetheart....
Did this to her Mommy?

My very first black eye and it was from a very cute and very loving one year old....
She was not even trying to be hateful in any way....she was actually very happy and excited.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Got Our Kung Fu On!

Well, we took Love to her first movie today, "Kung Fu Panda"...probably premature considering she doesn't watch any television yet. She was most interested in the 5000 calorie tub of popcorn...that's my girl :0) She did well, it lasted about as long as a Sunday morning service and that is her limit. She stayed pretty still, she even laughed...but only when we were laughing...still, it was funny. I am glad she was free, 'cause she got zip from it...except maybe a few extra pounds from the aforementioned snack. Now, Hope on the other hand, she dug it. In fact, she got her kung fu on right there in the seat...this could have opened a can of worms I'd prefer stay to shut for a while. But she did amazing...she got it. It had quite a bit of fighting....physical fighting but most of it was lighthearted. I still think it could have been a little too much for a 3 year old.

It had a sweet message. One, that you have to believe that it is not your knowledge, skills or looks that matter, it is the condition of your heart. Two, that the good will prevail, even if it doesn't look like it on the surface. And there was the fact that although there were other "kung fu fighters" that were much more experienced and much more equipped for defeating the villain, it was Po, the inexperienced and unskilled who was chosen and then equipped to defeat the enemy. This shouted biblical reference to me personally. Hunter thought it was good and my man and I liked it too. But, not as much as I feel like we should have to pay the tune of $42.00 for the 5 of us (Faith was swimming). Of course, that includes the popcorn and 2 cokes...and the matinee special price (& Love was free)....cuh-razee! The facial expressions were so funny and the part of Po was too cute. And this is the first and only movie I have seen with my man that I didn't have to think twice about my own insecurities with Angelin@ Jo*lie being in the film. She is so not hot in this movie ;0)

Ahhh Vacation....

Where we'd love to be going....

OK...this is going to be a blog that is purely pouting in nature...prepare.

We have been on a family vacation every year since Hunter was born. Some type of vacation - generally we flip years mountains one year, the beach the next with a Sea World and Disney World thrown in. This year is our year to go to the mountains. We have some of our best memories on these vacations. Just the relaxation, the hanging out, the new experiences, and all the 'firsts' we get to have together. I have a scrapbook (although sadly behind in years) solely dedicated to our vacations. It is the time we look forward to...knowing the everyday dishes and laundry and day to day chores are by the wayside even if for a few days or a week. I know for us, vacations are something we wanted to give our family once a year. And, well...this ain't gonna happen. This year due to soaring gas prices, premium prices for condos and the increase cost of simply dining out as a family of 6, we will be Living La Vida Local. Ha!

We have been considering some places...just in case that windfall of cash comes our way or that money tree actually produces this summer. But, if not...I guess we will do what the ever fashionable families all over the country are resorting to...pun intended. We will experience a "stay-cation". A stay-cation is generally spent at your home or near it...where you still take a week off and live like a vacation. Generally the choice is due to time or financial restraints. Ours is the latter but ~ It will be fabulous. I heard about this from my sil last weekend and then lo and behold if the Today show didn't run a segment on it. So, we will stay home and relax and hang out. We have a few pools in our family that we may get to go to for a day trip or two. We have 50 acres we could go camping at (seriously, I can't believe I just suggested that)...we could get in touch with nature. There is always the movies, the water parks, the amusement parks. We have access to so many lakes and even a boat, we could go and fish and ski. We have the Wii. We need to get good at family games again...Mexican train, Sequence, and Yahtzee...ya know. So maybe this stay-cation is just what the Dr. ordered. I think I will title it..."It's Our Wonderful World...Stay-Cation"

I know we are very fortunate to have been able to take these vacations so far....and even without one of them we are still very fortunate...but, it makes me a little sad that we won't be having that full on adventure of not exactly knowing how to get somewhere, what the condo will look like, where or what we will eat, what new things we will encounter or what first time things we could witness or even how much the town has changed over a year or two.

So, we have set up a donation fund for the "Family Treasure" Vacation Fund...if you feel led to donate please contact us...we will be glad to get you in touch with our people and set up a payment plan...haha!

Seriously, what are your plans for vacation? We are going to spend some of our stay-cation time planning and budgeting for our 2009 vacation ;0)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey, hey, hey....Good Bye!

Well, today marks the last day of Hunter's 7th grade year and Faith's 6th grade year. I can not even believe it....makes me feel old. I shouldn't be old enough to have that age children...I 'just' graduated myself...ha ha!

We are celebrating. Faith has struggled with math since she was little. And as the years pass by the struggle becomes harder and harder. She was very discouraged this year and we thought it was a BIG possibility she would not pass math. But....SHE DID!!! We are so proud of her!! It was tough to say the least but she did it. She is still going to summer school this year but it won't determine her passing to the 7th grade it will serve as a tutoring aid. We are hoping this will give her more confidence in her math ability and help fill learning 'gaps'. She is not even upset about having to go. It is only for 6 weeks and she has to attend 2 hours a day. Not too bad...really. She will also be having a class next year solely dedicated to math tutoring in addition to a regular math class. I feel relieved that we will not have the drama that surrounds a preteen knee deep in math woes this summer. You can see that a burden has been me...there have been many, many days we specifically prayed about Faith and her math class. So, on to the celebrating...she went swimming with her aunt and cousins and she is having a friend stay over, they are going to youth at church and probably rent a movie and bake something tonight. I am still having a hard time believing her caught me off guard. I had already prepared her for the possibility of staying in 6th grade, summer school, or changing schools all together. I am so happy that we don't have to think about it anymore.

Without further ado...we bid farewell to 6th long, adios, hey...hey...hey....Good Bye!

Woo Hoo...7th Grade Here She Comes!!

We Are So Proud of You!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Universal Language...

I was looking over the photos we took from our recent trip to China. I found one of my very most favorite. It is of our Hope and a little girl who lives in China. We were at East Lake in Wuhan. We found an area where it was nice and open near an icecream stand. A good place to run around. Hope began playing with a little girl who came up the steps shortly after she did. They played together probably a good 15 minutes before they realized they could not verbally communicate. They had such a ball. Watching them was so much fun. My husband and I kept wondering when it would come into play. We didn't say anything to Hope about it. They played chase and picked flowers. Once the little girl started speaking to Hope, it seemed like she was asking her a question. I loved the look on Hope's face. She looked at us like.....what? Then, they smiled at each other and began playing again. Not even a beat skipped. When we decided to move on inside the park. Hope handed the little girl a flower...the little girl responded "Xie Xie" (which means thank you and a word Hope knew well). Hope got the biggest smile on her face and shouted..."Momma, she said thank you!" She was so excited that she understood her. She was beaming as if she carried on a long conversation with her...which, I guess she sort of did. It was refreshing to see that friendship was a universal language. be a kid again :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend ReCap...

The Group....our nephew,Hope, Faith, Hunter, the hubby, Love, our niece and our brother in law. The guys were troopers...neither Mom got in the pool today...we were photographers :)
Our handsome fella is growing up....where did the time go?
Hey y'all!
We have had another great weekend! We had wonderful weather and lots to do and spent time with some family we had been missing out on :-)
Friday we went to Applebee's for dinner and then had coffee at my sil and bil's house. It was yummy and we were able to talk more this visit than in the last few. You see, we have been home with Love now for 2 months and they have been home with their daughter for 3 months, she is two. Our little girls are 3,2, and 1 at this point So, to talk at all at this point is some high achieving in our book.
Saturday, I ended up taking Hunter and a friend to the skate park in the metroplex. They had so much fun. It is way too expensive to do it very often. But, they enjoy the opportunities that the ramps, 1/4 pipes, 1/2 pipes, boxes and rails the lingo?....I am a quick study. We, my mom, and my three girls and I; were able to do some shopping while the boys skated. It was fun, fun, fun! I love the Children's many good deals! I had to have some new summer clothes for Hope...she is growing like a weed! We went for Marble Slab later that evening....even more fun :) Have y'all ever tried Sweetcream with fresh strawberries? It is the best...although most of my family prefers Cotton Candy. I haven't found a flavor there I didn't like...they are a bit pricey though. It is considered a treat for us when we go.
Sunday we went to the early service at church. The sermon....on pride...OUCH! Let's just say the point was well given and received...even though a bit painful at times. Our pastor delivered a wonderful message...pride is one of those things that tends to mess me up. I will be the first to say....I struggle with it. Whether it be too prideful to ask for help, or to say I am sorry or to admit I made a poor choice. Not because I don't know I need the help or that I am wrong just too prideful sometimes to admit it. It happens, I am working on it, rather He is working on it. I personally liked to accredit it to my genes but our pastor hit the nail on the head when he told me...well, felt like just me...pride is a choice. I am choosing to be prideful. Well, great, now I have to own it. So, there I have said the accountability bar is raised.... :)

We then had lunch with my grandmother. She is precious. She is in her late 80s and doing pretty darn well. She goes to church with us every Sunday and then we have lunch. She likes it a lot and we enjoy her. She loves those kids of ours too. She has such a kind and gentle spirit. We love her so much!

Then we went to my sil and bil's house to swim. The kids and the hubby went swimming...I am still fighting off the swimsuit battle...I detest swimsuits. But, I am going to go and get one and even wear it this summer...with family. But I won't like it ~ Just for the record. The kids love to swim and it wears them out pretty good too. They always sleep well after swimming.

We ended our night going to the Will Graham Celebration. It was so awesome! I definitely felt the Spirit moving. Britt Nicole opened. I haven't heard of her before but she was really good. I liked her lyrics...although, I can tell I have past my "cool" age for music...I couldn't understand most of what she said (I thought only old people say that)but the words were on the huge screens. She was fun, and funky and real. Both of my older kids and their friends liked her the best. Then came Salvador. They were good too. And then Tree 63. I liked them all a lot. I kept getting cold chills watching the youth, and there were a lot of them, when they would raise their hands and jump up and down, just really pumped up. There is something about moves revives makes me want to jump up and down...but not if someone is is the pride thing again. An absolute wonderful Celebration. Will Graham is a great vessel for the Lord. He brang it. He is not fancy, or complicated. He is clear and direct and speaks the truth. I would guess hundreds came forward tonight. It is awesome to see the Lord move like draw people to Him and the people put all things aside and do it...step out of their comfort zone...knowing people will be watching...and do it... It is such a tender time. It is harvest time. We were blessed to witness such a plentiful one.

So, that is our weekend. We have a super short school week and then the kiddos are out for almost 3 months!! Yea!!

Oh, I found my camera...I guess Love got a hold of it. It was under the bed. No matter how much memory loss I suffer from....I definitely did not place it there.