Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anniversary Celebration and Camp

For Hope's Forever Family Anniversaries we always go out to eat, Chinese of course. This year she was old enough to pick. She loves Panda Express, so that is where we went. It was funny Hope's fortune cookie read "Your laugh and enthusiasm pleases those around you"...completely fitting. Mine read : "You will win success in whatever you adopt"...completely fitting as well. I don't believe in fortunes or luck for that matter but it was rather unique that two of them fit so well for such a big day for our family. We had spent the day at my nephew's party and they were played out from the baby pool. They had such a good time.

Today I dropped Hunter to his first youth camp with church. He'll be gone 5 days. I will miss him. I am hoping he has a great time. He got a little "cold feet" last night. He was good when I dropped him off but much better the second time I went to the church...he forgot his belt. I am praying for him to have an experience that goes beyond camp. That the words shared with him land on fertile ground. That he would hear with both his ears and heart. That Jesus would become even more real to him. There are over 600 kids attending this camp....gosh, I wish I could have gone....there is nothing more exciting than to see kids come to know Jesus, or rededicate their lives to Him. It is awesome. I believe by taking away the electronic world our kids live in (no cell phones, ipods, gameboys and the like) their hearts are more receptive to the Word of God and the love shared. It opens them up to a new experience...called face to face talking, listening and the icing is having adults there that care about them and their eternity. If you ever have the chance to volunteer at a youth camp...don't pass it up....it is good stuff! But, that being said...I still miss my boy ;0)

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