Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Soccer

This first series is of Hope "sitting the bench" with her friend. I am not sure that anyone appreciates her body language as much as me but I really got a kick out of these ;)

These were after her final game from the tournament. She was so proud of herself.

Her season is finished for now. We need a break. Oh how she loves her some soccer :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Refreshing New Make Up

Hope isn't one who has to be directed in her play. She comes up with plenty of things to do. The other day she was applying "make up". Which was in the form of an ice cube of all things. She had a ball with nothing more than frozen water...go figure.
Carefully applied eye shadow
Her blush is literally dripping off her face
The lip gloss tastes good too
It's super easy to remove, no harsh chemicals ;)
It gives you that fresh straight from the pool appearance we all so desire. Well, not so much. But, at least her mascara doesn't run. Silly girl.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's All About the Boots!

When Love wants to go in the backyard and play she will usually throw on flip flops if any shoes at all. This particular day she chose her rain boots....which just struck me as odd...I guess it was the dress. Anyway, she was proud. Who knows, she could be way ahead of the fashion curve. Sundresses and rain boots - weirder things have happened in fashion :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Gifted not only in doing life with these 4 blessings but in some nice little surprises too!
The poem from Love's gift from school
Love's hand print from school
Hope planted and nurtured a small baby "Mary-Old" (marigold) for me. I am not sure this plant is going to make it. It gets watered by her several times a day. Because feeding, watering, and loving something can make it mom's do. Bravo to her teacher...such a cool teaching tool :)
Hope's drawing of me....I am just going to leave it at that but she did tell me I was tan because she couldn't find the peach crayon...funny.

Hope's side card...I love a few things especially about this. 1. Her mom's name is - Mom! :)
2. She originally wrote my age was 22. 22!! And then I told her the real age and she wrote over it. But, you can still see the 22 ;) The sad part is that 22 is actually old to her. 3. My favorite foods are blackberries and green olives. Healthy, huh? and 4. She loves me because "when I am sick she gives me medicine" that all it takes?? :)
Love's gift from church

Faith made me a cake with homemade icing. Which was very interesting. You really couldn't cut it but you would have to scoop it out because of the way the icing sunk into the cake. The icing was her idea....melted butter and sugar. To say the least it was sweet both in meaning and in flavor. Such a great surprise!

Hunter gave me a big ole bear hug and wished me Happy Mother's Day.

Love. Love. Love these kids of mine :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Soccer...Faith and Hope Style

We had another weekend of soccer...two games on Sat and one Sun afternoon. These are the pics that I liked. Needless to say we are starting off with the girls number one fan - MiMi! Hardly ever misses a game :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

He's Permitted!

See that white SUV in this photo? Looks pretty normal, huh?
But, when it pulls into your driveway...
And this fella happens to be the driver...
things can get kinda crazy!
Hunter has his PERMIT!!! I can not believe Hunter has his permit! He took his test on Friday. He is a really great driver too. He has driven my suburban, Big Daddy's big tuck and now MiMi's SUV. he really old enough to drive?? Let me rephrase I really old enough to have a son that can drive? Now, when did that happen?

So proud of you Hunter!
I am also so thankful that it is Big Daddy that is his driving instructor. :)
Crazy, huh? Oh, I already said that :)