Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Gifted not only in doing life with these 4 blessings but in some nice little surprises too!
The poem from Love's gift from school
Love's hand print from school
Hope planted and nurtured a small baby "Mary-Old" (marigold) for me. I am not sure this plant is going to make it. It gets watered by her several times a day. Because feeding, watering, and loving something can make it grow...like mom's do. Bravo to her teacher...such a cool teaching tool :)
Hope's drawing of me....I am just going to leave it at that but she did tell me I was tan because she couldn't find the peach crayon...funny.

Hope's side card...I love a few things especially about this. 1. Her mom's name is - Mom! :)
2. She originally wrote my age was 22. 22!! And then I told her the real age and she wrote over it. But, you can still see the 22 ;) The sad part is that 22 is actually old to her. 3. My favorite foods are blackberries and green olives. Healthy, huh? and 4. She loves me because "when I am sick she gives me medicine"...is that all it takes?? :)
Love's gift from church

Faith made me a cake with homemade icing. Which was very interesting. You really couldn't cut it but you would have to scoop it out because of the way the icing sunk into the cake. The icing was her idea....melted butter and sugar. To say the least it was sweet both in meaning and in flavor. Such a great surprise!

Hunter gave me a big ole bear hug and wished me Happy Mother's Day.

Love. Love. Love these kids of mine :)

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