Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Just in case your wondering....the above photo is not of our meal. Although ours was every bit as tasty as this one looks :)

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner here for our family and had about 25 people stop by at one time or another. We had a wonderful day full of food and family. I'll share our menu with you:

Thanksgiving Dinner 2010

Roasted Turkey
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
Sweet Potato Souffle
Poynor Dressing
Broccoli, Cheese & Rice Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Baby Carrots
Baby Green Salad with Cranberries and Almonds
Crescent Rolls & Dinner Rolls

and for dessert:

Cherry Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Lush
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce
Sugar Cookies

To answer your next question...No, I can no longer fit into any of my clothes :)

The roar of the children over the adult conversation brought back memories of our childhood. There was chatter, laughter and fun with all the little people running around. The kids took the big blanket and used it to "sled" down the stairs, sometimes tandem...cool, huh? The adults hung around for coffee and desserts and seconds and our conversation was interesting to say the least :)

Then we began our plotting and planning for our attack on Black Friday, which actually began late Thursday. My mom, sister, Faith and I all left here around 11:30 to go to Wal Mart which was nuts!! Deals were had my friend :) Then we made our way to Ihop for a very early breakfast. Then we dropped Faith off and hit Kohls, Target, Game Stop, Walgreens and JC Penney. Y'all I did fabulous...and was quite simpled out by the end of our shopping. We had all been up over 24 hours at this point. We took a few hours to get cleaned up a quick nap and hit the mall with all the kids. And, it was NOT miserable. It was lovely really. And we topped off the night with the yearly Olive Garden visit. Yummy! The next day we did all again....it is every bit about the bonding as it is the bargains. It is such a blast being with my girls and my adorable little nephew!!

And the boys were off hunting - their tradition since Hunter was only 3. From what I hear they had a wonderful weekend of male bonding...even our nephew got in on it. He shot his first buck.

So our Thanksgiving traditions continue, we are just growing up and the memories are becoming more and more precious. I wish I had pictures to show you but I just simply got caught up in the day and how much I have to be thankful for. Which, I think is exactly the point.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Youngest, the Eldest and the Dog

These two have a pretty beautiful relationship. MaMa always has time for Love. And Love always has time for MaMa. MaMa is good about reading her books on the stairs if everyone is busy talking in the living room or telling her stories while snuggling under a blanket - the blanket that Love covered her up with to make sure MaMa was warm :)
It's hard to believe these two are 85 years apart in age. If you can see what I see - they have quite a connection :) And if Taco (the dog) could talk I am sure he'd tell you MaMa never moves if he is laying in her lap. She doesn't want to disturb him.

MaMa has recently expressed that she doesn't feel like she makes a difference. Like she doesn't do much that matters, she doesn't really get to help out or be useful. I can tell you this - when I was growing up about the age of Hope and began reading she was the one who sat there patiently with me as I sounded out words and read first sentences. She was the one who would play Old Maid and Slap Jack with me until I was tired of playing...which would take a while. The one to take me school shopping all day or let me write these awful poems and tell me how wonderful they were. That is what I remember more than anything...the time, her being there. Her being present in our conversations and our time spent together. She never made me feel like she had something better or more important to do. And now she does that for my children. Such a sweet time. She did it with me and now with my youngest...and to think she questions her importance of being here...the difference she makes. Now if that isn't something I don't know what is.

Friday, November 19, 2010

These Two...

are a couple of my favorite people :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Yes Folks...He's Legal

To DRIVE that is :)
Getting the car out of the parking lot
Pulling up to pick up the lady who may or may not pass him
And he parallel parks "on a dime" according to previously mentioned lady :)

And begins the test out and about the neighborhood
Signing his (insert drum roll here) DRIVERS LICENSE

Appreciating a good test when he sees one :)
"I KNEW you could do it Son!"

We arrived at the DPS and had quite a wait this morning. It was filled with my humor (which to be honest - is pretty stinkin funny). I'm good like that. Hunter really did not care for it. He was stressed to say the least. He even listed his address three doors down from us. Did I mention he was nervous? He took about 8 minutes to fill out a paper that should have taken about 1 - if that. He is so afraid to make a mistake. First born through and through. He was gone for around 10 or 15 minutes. He walked up with the instructor, no smiles as they near us. Finally she blurts out "He Passed!" And cue the smiles. I think I may have done a jump up and down thingy. I am not sure if he could have said anything or not...he looked a little shocked and maybe just in disbelief. He did it folks. He is legal. My baby boy who just turned 16 passed his drivers test. She told us he was an exceptional driver. That from parent taught drivers ed. is quite a compliment. But, as for our auto insurance, well...she's seen better days. But seriously we are so proud of you Hunter!!
Now, if you could just run a couple of errands for me...No, I'm not kidding :) I think I could used to this :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Plea for Help from Homeschool Moms!!

Hello! We have a bit of a situation here. Our extremely small private Christian school (which was basically a certified teacher homeschooling my two oldest plus two other students) has had to end her career. Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer, and it is everywhere. While performing exploratory surgery they took out half of his colon and his appendix. They had to close him up and hope that chemo will take care of or at least slow down the rest. While I wish things did not have to end the way they are...I understand. If that were my husband...I'd retire too - immediately. There is no replacing that time with your husband, especially when given such a bleak diagnosis. So, if you feel led would you mind sending up a prayer for Martin and Margaret Liemer? They are a super sweet couple married 49 years and she was great with my kids.

Anyhow, I am needing advice for online homeschooling, the kind that does the lesson plans and grading if possible. Or if you have a great system or what specifics you have used and liked. We have Hunter who is a sophomore (contemplating returning to public school) and Faith who is a freshman (who under no circumstance will return). We could do private school but it is already almost 3 months in the year and it expensive. We could do traditional homeschool but to be honest I have tried that and it didn't work so well before. And to be honest, I am intimidated by the prospect of having to teach Geometry and Calculus to my kids. I made fairly good grades in high school and college but folks...its been a while and I learned to get through the test not to carry the knowledge if you know what I mean.

So, I know you for sure could be helpful. I am not opposed to any option but I am counting on you guys to help me....begging really. Angie??? :)

Their teacher had them on Accelerated Christian Education Paces...anyone used these before? I do have the curriculum to finish them on these through the end of this year.

So now that you have heard my plea...help! Please? :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Couple of Funny Girls :)

We received I.E.P. from school yesterday. It is an "evaluation" of sorts that fills us in how she is doing in her speech class. There was a special notation under the section of understanding "where, who, and what" questions. It said...Love understands 100% of "wh" questions. When asked "Where does milk come from?" Her initial response is always "Wal-Mart" :) Hahaha!

This morning while getting ready for school Hope has this conversation with me from another room:
Her: "Why are you under there?"
Me: "Under where?"
Her: "Underwear, underwear....you said UNDERWEAR! Hahahahhah!"
She was still chuckling and claiming she "got" me when I dropped her off at school.
In this picture..."Hey mom, take a picture of me. I look like those boys who wear skirts." I think she meant a kilt because of the plaid?? Ha!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Pirate Hope
Raggedy Ann and a Pirate
The family minus Hunter...again refused to take a photo. He wore an old man mask though.
Faith dressed as an 80's girl...I have such a hard time accepting that I looked like this.
Love went as Dora...she loved this costume. The wig, not so much. But she was absolutely adorable.

Hope had wanted to be a boy pirate for years. I let her choose it this year and she was the most adorable boy pirate I have ever seen. She rocked this costume!

We visited family and then trick or treated in our neighborhood with my sister and nephews. The girls had so much fun :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Look Who Got Glasses :)

We have been going to the pediatric opthomologist every six months since we brought her home. He has been warning us the time was coming and this appointment he decided it was time. She is near sighted. He said she should be able to see expressions across the room and not have to sit 2ft. in front of the TV to watch it. I think she could not look more adorable. The only thing is she has little rub marks on the sides of the bridge of her nose...anything I can do? But seriously...how cute is she?!

How 'Bout a Taco?

Faith has been wanting a lap dog that she could love on and would sleep in her room. We looked at some shelters and found....Taco :) He has been the best dog ever. He is perfectly content with laying in your lap or on your chest all day long. She loves this dog so much :)
Tucker is having some "issues" but is only at fault for wanting to play. It doesn't work when you have 75# of dog playing with 6# of dog. But they are working out their issues and are getting better.

Love Lost a Tooth

Love lost her first tooth. She unfortunately had a root canal that failed and the tooth cracked. But she was such a trooper. They really spoil her at the dentist :)

They put the three pieces of tooth into a little treasure box for her.
She put it under her pillow and waited. She was so excited! She will be without a tooth for quite a while but to me she looks even cuter, if that was even possible :)
September 2010

Hope's Soccer

Faith has really grown close to her teammates. It is so nice to have a group of girls that get along and she moved positions too. She plays forward again :)
Faith switched club teams this year and she is so much happier. She also happens to love her new number #00. She thinks she is tough.
And playing like this...she is!
Hugging one of her best friends after her first goal of the season :)
Her team after winning their first game
Faith in action. She loves the game of soccer. She is in her zone when she on the pitch :)

First Day of School

Faith Freshman Year
Hunter would not let me take his picture...I guess he is just too cool. But, he is now attending the same small private Christian school with Faith. Hunter is a Sophomore.
Hope First Grade
Love PreK
Both girls wear uniforms this year. Love this! Not only do they look cute it makes mornings so much more enjoyable :)

Meet the Teacher

From August
A huge perk of having the school in your backyard...we walked to Meet the Teacher :) We generally drive to drop Hope off in the morning because we have other stops and are having to rush. But everyday I walk to pick her up.
Hope was told to choose her spot and she chose the tables with all girls in the front...now that was new. Last year she preferred sitting with the boys.
Hope and Mrs. Christian First Grade 2010
Mrs. Grace and Love PAC class 2010
Love returned to the PreK speech class that she attended last year. She loves Mrs. Grace so much. Her vocabulary has really picked up and her pronunciation has improved a lot too. This class has been the biggest blessing :)

FYI.....Facebook Kills Blogs

Love- by far our easiest going child...she loves life :)

Hey all!

I know it has been ages. I have missed not only blogging but keeping up with my blogs. I haven't caught up with a lot of you guys in a while. How are you??

I reactivated my facebook months ago and little by little I went from a visit every so often to often many times a day. Even if just for a moment to "check" things. Because it is very important information to know that so and so is at the grocery store and woo hoo is at Starbucks and that whoever has added to his farm or someone did some weird quiz. It is all very need to know. I have followed many friends who dropped completely out of blogland. I was rejoined with them through facebook. But, I did and do miss hearing their heart through their words and really getting the story behind the photos. As easy as facebook is to keep people updated, it is really hard to feel an honest connection with anyone. I guess facebook didn't kill our blog but it did get awfully sick and nearly starved to death. The longer I was a way from it the harder it was to come back.

So, when I was approached by a lot of you asking me what my deal was....well, I don't know why I didn't identify with your "missing" us Harris'. Even though to me it isn't all the need to know information either, but if you love us, which I am hoping most of you do....well, it is almost like talking to us or being with us through our day to day journey. So, I am going forward and will be back tracking too. Much has happened in the last 4-5 months. Life has been crazy, hard, easy, wonderful, challenging, lovely, stinky, boring, busy, stressful, exciting and well....anything but perfect. Through God's grace alone do we get through it...cause the Harris life is a mess, but it is a beautiful chaotic mess:)
Love found a rock at a soccer game and decided it would make a good nose :)