Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Couple of Funny Girls :)

We received I.E.P. from school yesterday. It is an "evaluation" of sorts that fills us in how she is doing in her speech class. There was a special notation under the section of understanding "where, who, and what" questions. It said...Love understands 100% of "wh" questions. When asked "Where does milk come from?" Her initial response is always "Wal-Mart" :) Hahaha!

This morning while getting ready for school Hope has this conversation with me from another room:
Her: "Why are you under there?"
Me: "Under where?"
Her: "Underwear, said UNDERWEAR! Hahahahhah!"
She was still chuckling and claiming she "got" me when I dropped her off at school.
In this picture..."Hey mom, take a picture of me. I look like those boys who wear skirts." I think she meant a kilt because of the plaid?? Ha!

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