Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Plea for Help from Homeschool Moms!!

Hello! We have a bit of a situation here. Our extremely small private Christian school (which was basically a certified teacher homeschooling my two oldest plus two other students) has had to end her career. Her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer, and it is everywhere. While performing exploratory surgery they took out half of his colon and his appendix. They had to close him up and hope that chemo will take care of or at least slow down the rest. While I wish things did not have to end the way they are...I understand. If that were my husband...I'd retire too - immediately. There is no replacing that time with your husband, especially when given such a bleak diagnosis. So, if you feel led would you mind sending up a prayer for Martin and Margaret Liemer? They are a super sweet couple married 49 years and she was great with my kids.

Anyhow, I am needing advice for online homeschooling, the kind that does the lesson plans and grading if possible. Or if you have a great system or what specifics you have used and liked. We have Hunter who is a sophomore (contemplating returning to public school) and Faith who is a freshman (who under no circumstance will return). We could do private school but it is already almost 3 months in the year and it expensive. We could do traditional homeschool but to be honest I have tried that and it didn't work so well before. And to be honest, I am intimidated by the prospect of having to teach Geometry and Calculus to my kids. I made fairly good grades in high school and college but folks...its been a while and I learned to get through the test not to carry the knowledge if you know what I mean.

So, I know you for sure could be helpful. I am not opposed to any option but I am counting on you guys to help me....begging really. Angie??? :)

Their teacher had them on Accelerated Christian Education Paces...anyone used these before? I do have the curriculum to finish them on these through the end of this year.

So now that you have heard my! Please? :)

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Danielle said...

There is always, it's an online option. I was looking into it for my kids.