Saturday, March 17, 2012

The past four years can be summed up with the words to one of your favorite books: 
I  love you best.  I  love you most. 
 I  love you high.  I  love you low. 
 I  love you deep.  I  love you wide. 


I think my favorite part of this book is when we read how God loves us best, loves us most, loves us high, loves us low, loves us deep & loves us wide.  He loves us this much!!  If there is any one thing I pray that you have learned from us it is that you are never alone, you are always on His mind, always on His heart and as much as we love you...bushels & pecks...He loves you even more!! 
*I Love You This Much by Lynn Hodges & Sue Buchanan

There is not a thing in this world I would not do for you.  You are my sweet sunshine!  You  are our amazing, bright, beautiful, kind, hilarious, wonderful, cherished, high heel loving, dress donning, & baby doll toting sweet heart.  You have brought so much joy to us as a family and we are all so blessed to call you ours!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Park is not just a park...

So our first official day off for Spring Break and Big Daddy took off work.  We decided since it was supposed to be the prettiest day of the week we would do a local park crawl.  So we mapped out the local parks and went to each of them.  We decided to take a spiral and make it an official day of review.  So at each park the girls would tell me about the amenities, the favorites, the negatives and then their opinion and star rating...based on 5 stars (which will be symbolized by "*").  

Park #1:
Love's review:  It love it!, favorite: climbing wall ****
Hope's review:  Good. , favorite:  monkey bars ***
 Park #2:  
Hope's review:  Not so good., favorite: slides  **
Love's review:  Really great. favorite: fireman ladder ***
Oh, see Big Daddy on the walking bonus!!
 Park #3:  Love's review:  I like it!, favorite: small climbing rock ***
 Park #3:  Hope's review:  Boo! favorite:  large clilmbing rock *
 Park #4:  Hope's review: Super, Super, Super Awesome!!  If this were the only park I'd be perfectly fine! favorite:  merry go round *****
Love's review: Very, very great!! favorite:  merry go round *****
Adult bonus: nice walking trail!!
 Park #5  Hope's review:  The best park ever!!  I want to come here all the time! favorite:  walking in the creek looking for fossils, crawdads, tadpoles, and minnows! **********(yes it WAS a 5 star system)
Love's review:  I really, really love this park! favorite:  getting her shoes and pants wet in the creek and walking in the water with Daddy. **********

And finally, our last park for the day Park #6:
Hope's review:  Pretty good!  favorite:  tall plastic climbing wall ***
Love's review:  Not good.  favorite:  nothing *

And that brings us to the close of our very first official review.  
I can tell you that nature out does man made every single time.  The two parks they loved the most had the most natural scenery and access to be a part of nature instead of a large plastic or metal play area randomly placed in the middle of a flat field.  They were also the two most crowded parks.  So, we must be part of poplar opinion.  Oh, and one last thing.  Parks need restrooms. That was a general consensus.  
Well, off for day two of Spring Break!  

The Cowgirl Way

We went to a really cool first Birthday Party for my nephew's twin boys.  It was rodeo theme and had a lot for the girls to do.  They of course wanted to wear their cowboy boots they received for Christmas.  They look so adorable in them.  They would wear them 24/7 if they could.
Hope really took to roping.  Her uncle spent some time showing her how to set up her rope, swing it, and throw it.  She spent most of her two hours right here, ya know...roping.  She was fairly good at it.  She managed to rope the horns just enough times to keep her interested in doing it more.  Needless to say, she would really like one of these roping dummies in her own backyard.
I love her look of concentration.  I happen to think she is a natural.  But, I am her mother ;)
Hope has told us recently, "My life long dream is to ride a horse."  Don't tell but someone has a birthday coming up and that dream will come true!  :)
And then there is Love...who is perfectly pleased with her cupcake.
And a sit and pose on the dummy.
Here the girls are waiting for the "cattle drive."  I think it may be a bit overrated.  It was basically taking about 30 Longhorns and pushing them down part of the street.  Think Six Flags gun show, except no guns, no noise, less time and way less exciting.
Well, then we called it a day, pardner!