Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Park is not just a park...

So our first official day off for Spring Break and Big Daddy took off work.  We decided since it was supposed to be the prettiest day of the week we would do a local park crawl.  So we mapped out the local parks and went to each of them.  We decided to take a spiral and make it an official day of review.  So at each park the girls would tell me about the amenities, the favorites, the negatives and then their opinion and star rating...based on 5 stars (which will be symbolized by "*").  

Park #1:
Love's review:  It love it!, favorite: climbing wall ****
Hope's review:  Good. , favorite:  monkey bars ***
 Park #2:  
Hope's review:  Not so good., favorite: slides  **
Love's review:  Really great. favorite: fireman ladder ***
Oh, see Big Daddy on the walking trail...adult bonus!!
 Park #3:  Love's review:  I like it!, favorite: small climbing rock ***
 Park #3:  Hope's review:  Boo! favorite:  large clilmbing rock *
 Park #4:  Hope's review: Super, Super, Super Awesome!!  If this were the only park I'd be perfectly fine! favorite:  merry go round *****
Love's review: Very, very great!! favorite:  merry go round *****
Adult bonus: nice walking trail!!
 Park #5  Hope's review:  The best park ever!!  I want to come here all the time! favorite:  walking in the creek looking for fossils, crawdads, tadpoles, and minnows! **********(yes it WAS a 5 star system)
Love's review:  I really, really love this park! favorite:  getting her shoes and pants wet in the creek and walking in the water with Daddy. **********

And finally, our last park for the day Park #6:
Hope's review:  Pretty good!  favorite:  tall plastic climbing wall ***
Love's review:  Not good.  favorite:  nothing ...zero *

And that brings us to the close of our very first official review.  
I can tell you that nature out does man made every single time.  The two parks they loved the most had the most natural scenery and access to be a part of nature instead of a large plastic or metal play area randomly placed in the middle of a flat field.  They were also the two most crowded parks.  So, we must be part of poplar opinion.  Oh, and one last thing.  Parks need restrooms. That was a general consensus.  
Well, off for day two of Spring Break!  

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Angie said...

What a great idea for a day out! We should try that someday. And I'm with the girls...nature rocks!