Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Babies...

Yesterday was an incredible day for many, many families...they received their referrals from China!! This group of parents have been waiting 2 years and 7 months since their paperwork was logged in with China for an adoption. Not to mention the additional 6-12 months you can tack onto that number just to get all your paperwork completed before submitting it. I think what gets me is that I have been in the shoes of those who wait...not near that long for our baby girls....praise the Lord! But, never the less we did wait. And it just breaks your heart. So, yesterday was the day that these parents have been dreaming of for years...Congratulations New Mommies and Daddies :) I'll just keep praying for all those precious little ones who are waiting and the families that wait for them...the wait is on track to become 4+ years....easily, if things continue at this pace. Lord, give them patience to get through the wait, hope for the amazing things to come and peace as they continue to endure the heartache.
Our agency actually had a set of twin boys referred yesterday...precious, precious, precious :) And, the baby girls were breathtaking too :)

So Much Fun...

Love and I went to the big Baby Store with Ninnie and MiMi today to register for Ninnie's shower. It was so much fun!! I have missed looking for the blue...it is funny, our last three kiddos were girls so my eye just knows pink...It's like Mom's car during happy hour at Sonic...it just knows. Ha! We were able to scan so many cute things...and they are sooo cute! I am excited about our new little nephew. He is going to be dressed to the nines and wrapped in the most cuddly soft baby blue blankets.

My sister is just beautiful...I love that pregnant glow she has. And the maternity clothes...back in the mid 90s when I was expecting our 2 kiddos everything still looked like moo-moos and tablecloths...nothing in the slightest bit cute. Now they have cute colors, shapes and styles. Just way better to feel cute when your carrying a baby...well, at least to me.

So, back to registering for Baby Jace....MiMi ditched Ninnie and I. She thought we were too slow. We like to feel all the blankets, shake all the toys, try out the strollers, just really take our time. It made me so ready for this baby boy to get here...although he needs to hold off at least a few more months. You hear that Jace? We love ya, but stay in the safe house a little longer.

Do you think MiMi is excited about a new baby???
At the registering table...doesn't
Love look too cute poking her head around Ninnie's belly.Ahhh...do you think Love knows Jace is in there?
No one told her to put her hand on Ninnie's belly...too cute :)

Quick Shots

Our Love
Sweet Sisters
Yep, it's attractive....I guess she'd had enough of the photos.
To her avail, I did stop after this one :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

We Had a Visitor Today....

And he left us with a nice size check...Praise the Lord!! See how the money in the photo looks as if it is flying? Well, that might as well be ours...it will be deposited into our account and fly right back out to our debtors. Oh, the temptations to do something fun was there for all of 2 seconds...we get to pay off debt instead...woohoo!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Boys are Back In Town...

Big Daddy and Hunter....I will be glad when Hunter gets over this whole not liking his picture taken phase.

Hunter up in the tree stand. As I heard it...Hunter had given up for the evening and as he crawled down the stand he realized a deer was about 10 yards away coming up from behind him.
On the search.
Living like real men.
Like real men with electricity and coffee pots??? Ahhh, Uncle Kev. I can hear the commercial now....the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.
The cousins...bearing arms...and needing a shower...I know, I know...just the mom in me.

So, the men are back from the most manliness of weekends. No showers, no toilets, no problem. We own some acreage a few hours from here and Big Daddy and Hunter have been so ready to go. They have been down a few times putting up stands and stuff. I am not sure what the big deal is but apparently there is one. All the hunting guys always talk about bow hunting...I guess more challenging, more manly, ruh, ruh, ruh, ruh (OK, my best written imitation of the Tim the Tool Man Taylor man grunt).

Anyway, no deer were killed or even injured. The weekend was just not the weekend to take down a deer. Go figure. They did host Uncle Kev and Augie...I have heard it was a good time. Lots of very good eating, very good conservation and just soaking up the beauty of the outdoors...90 degree weather and all.

They ran over a large rattlesnake with at least 15 rings...a big deal. Hunter thought it was really cool. I have a photo but to keep from making Bambi's skin crawl...I will not post it. Another neat little tidbit...there apparently was some type of poisonous snake that wedged itself in between the tarp and the tent floor and came to an untimely death. Not on purpose but it happened. So, two snakes...I am so thankful that Hope did not go...she wanted to go so badly to be with Big Daddy. She is a hunter girl. He told her too many snakes would be out...proved to be true.

I know Big Daddy and Hunter really need this time to be men....just to be, without any female input, in the wild, one with nature, just realizing how awesome the scenery that God made truly is...without house after house after house or a convenience store on every corner. With a home of double the estrogen to testosterone...who can blame them? 4 gals, 2 men...they needed their retreat. I am glad to have them home...I don't care to sleep in this house without my men...just.don't.like.it.

I asked Hunter his most favorite part of the trip. He said, "Just being there Mom." And I know he means it. It brings back memories Big Daddy has made with him since he was big enough to walk. He was still potty training when Big Daddy took him for the first time. I know in Hunter's mind and heart...this is his one on one time with his Daddy...no little sisters vying for Big Daddy's attention, no Mom harping on him about a room to be cleaned or homework to be completed. Just the sounds of the chirping of crickets, the crackling from the campfire, and sharing stories of good ole memories...sounds incredible doesn't it?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bella's Re-adoption...

We went to our niece's re-adoption today. It is not necessary to have this done as their citizenship is obtained the minute they pass through immigration. But, it is nice to have a US birth certificate. Also, my most favorite part when we received Hope's was seeing our names on the birth certificate as Mother and Father. It was overwhelming to read Hope's and Love's Chinese birth certificate where it states unknown for the parents. We hope to have Love's re-adoption in the next year or so.

They really do such a sweet job of making the kids feel special. Stuffed animals and balloons everywhere and each child is allowed to pick an animal and balloon. They have a small cookie and punch reception. Just sweet. The judge is really laid back and kind and allows all types of photos. There were so many families in there today. Some international adoptions, some domestic adoption, but all precious little families.

Love had the best time with her balloon. So much joy from such a simple thing. Her face would light up every time she'd look up at the balloon and just seeing herself manipulate it into moving different directions. She impressed herself...I could tell. :0)

Big Daddy and the Girls outside the Courthouse The Courtroom all gussied up for the kiddosMommy and Love hunkered down in the corner.

The Cousins...Hope, Bella and Love...they are digging the balloons.Can words even describe the look of sheer amazement watching her balloon?We then went to the car to realize we had a mostly flat tire...Big Daddy and Love came home and fixed it. But not before we joined the group at Mexican Inn...we paid $9.05 for 2 adult and 2 child teas...does anybody else feel violated by that price?

So now, my big boys are off for a weekend of camping, hunting, male bonding and the like. So long fellows...you'll be missed.
Love checking the tire pressure

She loves being Big Daddy's helper. I just thought it was too cute. The little painted fingernails resting on a big ole tire. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Awww Man...

While Hope was getting her backpack on and her lunch kit down Love went tearing off to her room. She came back pushing this. I thought it was too cute. She was going to bring her "backpack" too.
Here she is about to load it up in the suburban...which I thought was still cute she wanted to be like Hope and take a "backpack"
Once we were at school and I was unloading the girls to take Hope in, I realized after several grunting "Uhhhhs" from Love she wanted to take her "backpack" in with her. I didn't let her, I did have to eventually draw the line. It was then that it dawned on me that my precious Love was actually wanting to go and STAY at school. She tried on Tuesday to sit down and begin a puzzle while I was dropping Hope off. This time she grabbed a "backpack". I can only imagine what must have gone through her sweet little mind. Maybe something like this..."Hmmm...she didn't let me stay last time...ah-ha! I forgot to bring a backpack like Hope. Now, where is that backpack? Oh yeah, in my room...hang on mom. Ok, got my backpack, we're going to school. We're here. Yes! Mom! Mom! Don't forget my backpack...what? Why is she not bringing my backpack?" Then as we leave Hope's classroom...."Aww Man...I gotta stay home with her again." I so hope this is not the scenario playing out in her little head but you gotta wonder. Poor thing. Stuck at home with mom with complete, undivided attention. Must just be too much for one little girl to handle...Seriously though, is that not the funniest thing?

Here is Love dragging the "backpack" back in...probably the realization has set in at this point. "I'm here to stay." Look at her little head down...Awww Man!

For the record she has been even more loving this morning than most. She's having fun, loving the Mom, but still I betcha she misses Hope...who can blame her? Hope is a wild and crazy girl, she is missed easily...you definitely know when she's not around. The quiet is unreal without her boisterous voice and laugh.

My Girl Can Accessorize!

Some may see only a plastic headband...but my girl has vision...she thinks outside the box :0)
The Next Big Thing in Glasses...peekaboo
Giving Olivia Newton John's headband trend a try
A lovely princess tiara
And the choker which is much too old of a look for a 2 year old to pull off.
Seriously, this child finds so many uses out of something so simple...so creative!

Play Date with Bella

Does anyone see the pageant smile I just mentioned about Love...hmmm...cousins and pageant smiles...something about 'em :)
Hope, Bella and Love...Do you think Hope likes Bella a little bit?
We dropped off the big kids and headed over to Aunt JuJus for coffee (moms only) and play date. The girls had a lot of fun. I think Miss Bella could easily open up her own Toys R Us. The Mommas had conversation, coffee and even started up Aunt JuJu's blog...she is just getting it up and running but go here to check it out: http://webbscountingourblessings.blogspot.com/. We need to do this more often...its good for the girls...oh, and the cousins liked it too...ha!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Block Party...

Love has been having "block parties" since she arrived home. She loves to build things. Whether it is a two row tall building or a two row long river or whatever combination she comes up with. She would spend an hour or more doing this without much input from anyone. She wants to make sure you are in the room but it gives me at least 20-30 minutes for my quiet time in the morning. She is too funny. She will work really hard on building it then she must demolish it...she can't just leave it or even stop building and start something else without the destruction of her creation first. And the joy she gets from it is something else...she smiles bigger and laughs more as she knocks down the blocks than when she is building with them.
One of her favorite type of "buildings"...two rows as tall as they can get and then she knocks them over so hard they fly everywhere. She's not sleepy in this photo, she has a mosquito bite on her left eyelid and it nearly caused it to swell shut. Poor baby, she and Hope are like mosquito repellent for everyone around...unfortunately, they are always the target, even with bug spray!
And the aftermath of the block demolition. She is so proud. She has this new smile thing she is test driving...it is very "pageant". Her teeth are together and she is smiling but it really isn't her...it is her pretending to be happy for the camera. Bring back any memories Robin? I don't know how many photos that are out there of us with this same type of "pageant" smile pasted on our faces...of course, our smiles were framed with spit curls on each cheek...oh, the good ole days ;) To truly appreciate the smile you'll need to click on it to enlarge it.

Monday, September 22, 2008



Crazy!Swinging with the little girls...this happens quite often :0)

Sporting Hunter's hat and throwing the deuces...as she'd say...I think.

Faith....our goofball! She is so stinkin' silly. I just don't know when she decided to grow up. It seems like just yesterday she was beginning elementary school and now she is smack dab in the middle of her Jr. high years...crazy! She should have been born with a disclaimer or an instruction manual. She is what people are talking about when they say anything to do with teenagers and how difficult it can be to raise them...and she's all ours. No matter what the challenge or disagreement is about...we could not love her one ounce more. She is really a sweet kid...she just doesn't like that to get out...it will ruin her image. She is the best big sister to both of her little sisters. They love her so much. She is not ever to old to play with them, hold them, or love on them...she tells them how pretty they are and how smart they are...she is wonderful for their self esteem. She is so goofy, and has such a witty sense of humor. She's our big girl whom I don't seem to write enough about. She is just really busy, chillaxin (chillin and relaxing combo...see, I can be hip...erh, cool...uhh, I mean smooth) texting (when she has her phone, which hasn't been too often lately) and hanging with the friends. She's growing up and I don't really like it all that much...I miss my little girl.

Well, look what they've got...

Our friends Cassie and Shaley came over for a visit today. We love them so much and enjoy hearing about their lives. We all miss them so much! They are quite possibly the two most mature young ladies we know. They have got it together....you know, they are in the world but not of the world...it is so refreshing to witness. Anyway, the kids just adore them both. They brought the girls these super cute, super tasty chocolate pumpkin lollipops. Hope was ready for hers as soon as she got it and I told her to wait until after dinner. Well, the minute she was up from the table she had it in her hand and was ready to have a bite or three. Thanks Shaley and Cassie...if only you'd have been able to stick around to witness the full blown sugar rush...next time :)


We have lived here for over 2 years. I have planted flower after flower in this flower box off the back porch...nothing lives...ever. Then a few days ago I noticed a tall green stick out there and now it is a beautiful flower...I have no idea what kind of flower it is or where it came from. It is unusual. It really is an incredible dark salmon color and very intricate. What a nice surprise!

Friday, September 19, 2008

6 Months!!

The first day of the rest of our lives together as a family :0)
Our beautiful baby girl Love has been home now for 6 months. I can not even believe it. The time has passed so quickly. She is such a sweetheart. She is a lover...she loves kisses, hugs, to be held, to hold our hand, to sit in our lap, anything so long as she is touching us. We love it! She is such a busy little girl. She has been know to copy everything her big sister Hope does. Which at first annoyed Hope. Now, Hope tells everyone, "She copies me because she loves me." And she does, Love absolutely cherishes her big sister. She is Hope's shadow. She has blessed our lives so much...how did we ever live without her?
Don't know if you can tell but check out her teeth before and now 6 months later...it is amazing how quick dumping a pacifier and a bottle will straighten those pearly whites up. Her last photo is of her giving a kiss....love.love.love.it!

Where did the names come from?

Well, I know in my profile many people have wondered...exactly where do you get that Big Daddy is exotic? Well, here is the back story. While in China to meet our youngest daughter Love, we had a "photo shoot" with Big Daddy and many different people. They all took turns getting their photo taken with him. Seriously, it was like the Chinese paparazzi was on our tail. The guide told us they were fascinated with him. That he was very exotic...OK, so I guess it is all relative. We got such a big kick out of it...I decided from then on...he was going to be referred to as my exotic man...not just any woman can say that can she?
Now, where did the name Sugar Momma come from? Well, that came from my darling daughter Hope. If you have not ever seen the cartoon "The Proud Family", there is a character on there named Sugar Momma. Hope lovingly refers to me as Sugar Momma all the time...."C'mon out here Sugar Momma", "Hurry up Sugar Momma", "I love you Sugar Momma", "Whats happening Sugar Momma" and the like. It sounds so adorable and I just love it.
Nope, Sugar Momma is not the cute mom on the right...she is the gray haired, full figured grandma with a cane in the pink...no resemblance though...erh, right? Teehee.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The ER visit

Hey, been a wild day around here.

We started the day off with Hope and her stomach trouble. She has been having screaming, kicking, flat out hurting stomach aches...where she explains "feels like someone is punching me in the tummy". I'd say off and on for about 3 weeks. They get so bad sometimes I decide I am taking her straight to the hospital and then they subside. Usually they last less than 2o minutes but she can have several bouts of them per day. I had chalked it up as 'gas'. But I had already decided that I was taking her in to be seen if they came back, especially after our nurse suggested appendicitis. So, that deleted school for today. I called Mom early to let her know to be on call for either a sitter or a co-tripper to the hospital, depending on Love's level of dependence for today. By 10:00, after waiting hours for our pediatrician to call back it was over, she was fine and we were heading to school. We made an appt. with the doctor for this afternoon. Well, on the way to school she had another attack and we drove to the ER. Apparently they didn't see her as in dire need of ER attention so we were directed to the Urgent Care Center across the street, after over an hour of waiting. They did a strep test...negative, just as I had suggested it would be. Then they took some xrays of her stomach and diaphragm. Nope, no constipation...also as I had suggested there would not be. They didn't take the appendicitis off the table but felt like it was GERD....Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. So, she is on a prescription medication and will be rechecked in a couple of weeks...if no pain persists. So, we'll see. I am praying this is just what she needed.

We ended up coming home after driving thru for lunch at 2pm...lovely. And then picked up medication, kiddos and went for Hunter's hair cut. And to top off the evening we went to the homecoming parade...which my kids totally racked up...I'd throw candy to them too...they are just so stinkin' cute!

16 Years!!

I can not even believe that it has been 16 years since we said 'I do'. I remember during our premarital counseling telling the pastor specifically..."I do NOT want my vows to include the word obey in reference to myself"...I was so adamant about it. And now look at me, the picture of obedience when it comes to being the submissive wife....wahahaha...just kidding but I have gotten far better, right?

I remember our wedding day so well. It was raining, the church was almost completely candlelit, and you were the most handsome man. How in the world was I about to become Mrs. Big Daddy? It was one of my most beautiful days.

I remember always saying "my husband" before almost every sentence. I was so proud to be your wife. And nothing has changed. I can look back and see all that we have endured together and if I hadn't been there to see it I wouldn't believe it. And I certainly wouldn't believe that we'd be standing on this side of it - happier and more in love because of the trials.

You are an amazing husband. I am so thankful for you, our marriage, our friendship, and our life together. I have been so blessed to be your wife. I love that I get to share each day by your side. I love you! 16 years...wow!

For those of you interested in how we celebrated....

Big Daddy took the day off. We took Hunter and Faith to school, then took Hope to school. We went to lunch at Mama'a Pizza....only the best! We visited my grandmother in the hospital. We picked the kids up from school. I cooked dinner, Big Daddy helped clean the kitchen...speaking my love language again. We then cleaned out the garage together. I know, I know...fancy. But, hey after 16 years we totally deserve to splurge...ha! Seriously though it was a truly wonderful day.


I guess I was feeling nautical on Sunday. The little girls wore their "sailor suits" as Hope refers to them to church. Hope felt so in tune she kept spouting off "Ahoy Matey" and "Land Ho!" She did not want to change into play clothes at all...which is unusual. Needless to say...shout advanced is my new BFF.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up...Bullet style

  • I have been beyond busy trying to get this house ready to go...and keeping it ready to show. Our hacienda is now officially on the market. Whew!
  • My Grandmother went into the hospital on Tuesday with low sodium. Who knew this was actually life threatening? I figure a couple of items of processed food a day and you are well over any healthy limit. She had a pacemaker placed on Thursday. She is home now and doing well.
  • Our 16th wedding anniversary was Thursday, 9/11. More to come.
  • My dad went to the hospital Friday morning with chest pains. He was thinking it was a heart attack. Turns out it could be aneurysm or anxiety. Testing to determine or eliminate conditions will be on Tuesday.
  • Hope had her 2nd soccer game this week. She scored three goals in the pouring down rain. While Ike was beginning to make himself known here Hope was tearing up the soccer field. And playing in the drenching rain, not our brightest parenting moment. She scored last week too, it just happened to be for the opponent. I have some photos of the first game on my mom's camera. She can't find her cord to download them yet. The 2nd game was far too wet to take any pics.
  • We signed off on all our design proposals and structural changes for our home...exciting times.
  • Our water pump went out on the suburban this week, but it was fixed quickly :)
  • Hope completed her first full week of school, soccer and Awanas, all of which she thoroughly enjoys and talks about non stop. I love that she is enjoying her big girl time. Seriously, this child is growing up too quickly right before my eyes.
  • Love found a Sharpie and went to town on the freshly painted walls and door...thank you Lord for Magic Erasers.
  • My nephew Michael had his birthday on the 9th. Happy Birthday!!
  • My sister is actually beginning to look like there is a baby on the way...and he is letting her know he is in there. So fun!
  • I am so far behind on reading my blogs and posting. I hope to catch up soon.
  • Hunter is chomping at the bit to go dove hunting. This is the first time he has not been early in the season. Dove are by far his favorite, for hunting and eating both. Bow season opens soon though, so we'll see.
  • Life is good. I truly mean it. I have been so blessed. Every time I begin to lose my patience or get overwhelmed I just think...somewhere there is a woman who would love to live my life. It could be that she'd love to have children, to have the child she is adopting finally be home, to have a husband, to be able to choose her own husband, to have a home, to have a vehicle, to have food, to have love, to have a relationship with her Heavenly Father. I mean I have be given so, so much...what do I really have to whine about anyway? My point exactly.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Depot

There is something about this particular cart that the girls love when shopping at the Depot. They can not fathom sitting in a regular, easy to push cart. Big Daddy never fails them and will look for one until he finds it. He has this habit of pretending they aren't steering right and starts pushing the cart faster and sideways and swervy. The girls grab the steering wheels and try like crazy to straighten it up. It is so funny. The whole time Big Daddy is narrating the drive. I noticed as he peeled out after the check out stand three different men of all ages got such a kick out of watching this scene. Then later I thought...does this joy just fall upon all men who enter the Depot? But I decided it is just funny watching a grown man peel out and swerve and drive a big basket crazy all the while hearing the endless laughter from our two daughters. It makes me smile just thinking about it. :0) Oh, and he always ends up with some type of treat from the candy/gum section...now what kid in their right mind wouldn't want to go to the store with Big Daddy? All 4 of ours jump at the chance no matter where or when...I guess he is on to something.

First Day...

Doesn't she look grown up?
Hope and Daddy on the first day of PreK...Love definitely knows something is up.
First Day of PreK, I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday she was just a baby and now she is 4 and attending PreK. She was so excited yesterday...well, the night before too. She had picked out her lunchbox, the old school metal Dora one. I tried to get her to go for the material one with the separate area for the cold stuff, to keep from squishing her sandwich. She wasn't having it...something about the metal and the little clasp. She picked out her backpack too. It has monkeys on it. She thinks it is perfect. The only thing she did not like was it is a requirement to bring a change of clothes and it bothered her to know that those may be needed. Once I explained it could be from spilling something or mud or lunch she was OK. She didn't want her teacher thinking she might not make it to the bathroom. Funny girl. Big Daddy had gone to work and decided I would take her solo. But after he was there only an hour couldn't stand he would miss such a big day. So, he came home...he kept saying I've never missed one with the older two and I don't want to miss her first day either. Hope was happy to see Big Daddy. She was so brave when we dropped her off. You could see her face change as we left (via a one way glass window). Not to scared but just the look of uncertainty. But when we picked her up she looked so tired. They do take a rest time but I think she probably was overwhelmed and couldn't rest. She didn't eat her lunch either. Well, she ate a fruit snack...yuk. So she was hungry too. I think as time passes and she understands the schedule and knows what is coming and when and what it all means she will do just fine. Still, it felt weird not having my big girl all day. She sat in my lap most of yesterday afternoon and night and wanted to be held a lot and didn't really leave my side too much at all. I am thinking she might have missed me just a little bit.