Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Boys are Back In Town...

Big Daddy and Hunter....I will be glad when Hunter gets over this whole not liking his picture taken phase.

Hunter up in the tree stand. As I heard it...Hunter had given up for the evening and as he crawled down the stand he realized a deer was about 10 yards away coming up from behind him.
On the search.
Living like real men.
Like real men with electricity and coffee pots??? Ahhh, Uncle Kev. I can hear the commercial now....the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.
The cousins...bearing arms...and needing a shower...I know, I know...just the mom in me.

So, the men are back from the most manliness of weekends. No showers, no toilets, no problem. We own some acreage a few hours from here and Big Daddy and Hunter have been so ready to go. They have been down a few times putting up stands and stuff. I am not sure what the big deal is but apparently there is one. All the hunting guys always talk about bow hunting...I guess more challenging, more manly, ruh, ruh, ruh, ruh (OK, my best written imitation of the Tim the Tool Man Taylor man grunt).

Anyway, no deer were killed or even injured. The weekend was just not the weekend to take down a deer. Go figure. They did host Uncle Kev and Augie...I have heard it was a good time. Lots of very good eating, very good conservation and just soaking up the beauty of the outdoors...90 degree weather and all.

They ran over a large rattlesnake with at least 15 rings...a big deal. Hunter thought it was really cool. I have a photo but to keep from making Bambi's skin crawl...I will not post it. Another neat little tidbit...there apparently was some type of poisonous snake that wedged itself in between the tarp and the tent floor and came to an untimely death. Not on purpose but it happened. So, two snakes...I am so thankful that Hope did not go...she wanted to go so badly to be with Big Daddy. She is a hunter girl. He told her too many snakes would be out...proved to be true.

I know Big Daddy and Hunter really need this time to be men....just to be, without any female input, in the wild, one with nature, just realizing how awesome the scenery that God made truly is...without house after house after house or a convenience store on every corner. With a home of double the estrogen to testosterone...who can blame them? 4 gals, 2 men...they needed their retreat. I am glad to have them home...I don't care to sleep in this house without my men...just.don'

I asked Hunter his most favorite part of the trip. He said, "Just being there Mom." And I know he means it. It brings back memories Big Daddy has made with him since he was big enough to walk. He was still potty training when Big Daddy took him for the first time. I know in Hunter's mind and heart...this is his one on one time with his little sisters vying for Big Daddy's attention, no Mom harping on him about a room to be cleaned or homework to be completed. Just the sounds of the chirping of crickets, the crackling from the campfire, and sharing stories of good ole memories...sounds incredible doesn't it?

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