Friday, September 26, 2008

Bella's Re-adoption...

We went to our niece's re-adoption today. It is not necessary to have this done as their citizenship is obtained the minute they pass through immigration. But, it is nice to have a US birth certificate. Also, my most favorite part when we received Hope's was seeing our names on the birth certificate as Mother and Father. It was overwhelming to read Hope's and Love's Chinese birth certificate where it states unknown for the parents. We hope to have Love's re-adoption in the next year or so.

They really do such a sweet job of making the kids feel special. Stuffed animals and balloons everywhere and each child is allowed to pick an animal and balloon. They have a small cookie and punch reception. Just sweet. The judge is really laid back and kind and allows all types of photos. There were so many families in there today. Some international adoptions, some domestic adoption, but all precious little families.

Love had the best time with her balloon. So much joy from such a simple thing. Her face would light up every time she'd look up at the balloon and just seeing herself manipulate it into moving different directions. She impressed herself...I could tell. :0)

Big Daddy and the Girls outside the Courthouse The Courtroom all gussied up for the kiddosMommy and Love hunkered down in the corner.

The Cousins...Hope, Bella and Love...they are digging the balloons.Can words even describe the look of sheer amazement watching her balloon?We then went to the car to realize we had a mostly flat tire...Big Daddy and Love came home and fixed it. But not before we joined the group at Mexican Inn...we paid $9.05 for 2 adult and 2 child teas...does anybody else feel violated by that price?

So now, my big boys are off for a weekend of camping, hunting, male bonding and the like. So long'll be missed.
Love checking the tire pressure

She loves being Big Daddy's helper. I just thought it was too cute. The little painted fingernails resting on a big ole tire. :)

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