Thursday, September 25, 2008

Awww Man...

While Hope was getting her backpack on and her lunch kit down Love went tearing off to her room. She came back pushing this. I thought it was too cute. She was going to bring her "backpack" too.
Here she is about to load it up in the suburban...which I thought was still cute she wanted to be like Hope and take a "backpack"
Once we were at school and I was unloading the girls to take Hope in, I realized after several grunting "Uhhhhs" from Love she wanted to take her "backpack" in with her. I didn't let her, I did have to eventually draw the line. It was then that it dawned on me that my precious Love was actually wanting to go and STAY at school. She tried on Tuesday to sit down and begin a puzzle while I was dropping Hope off. This time she grabbed a "backpack". I can only imagine what must have gone through her sweet little mind. Maybe something like this..."Hmmm...she didn't let me stay last time...ah-ha! I forgot to bring a backpack like Hope. Now, where is that backpack? Oh yeah, in my room...hang on mom. Ok, got my backpack, we're going to school. We're here. Yes! Mom! Mom! Don't forget my backpack...what? Why is she not bringing my backpack?" Then as we leave Hope's classroom...."Aww Man...I gotta stay home with her again." I so hope this is not the scenario playing out in her little head but you gotta wonder. Poor thing. Stuck at home with mom with complete, undivided attention. Must just be too much for one little girl to handle...Seriously though, is that not the funniest thing?

Here is Love dragging the "backpack" back in...probably the realization has set in at this point. "I'm here to stay." Look at her little head down...Awww Man!

For the record she has been even more loving this morning than most. She's having fun, loving the Mom, but still I betcha she misses Hope...who can blame her? Hope is a wild and crazy girl, she is missed definitely know when she's not around. The quiet is unreal without her boisterous voice and laugh.

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