Wednesday, September 17, 2008

16 Years!!

I can not even believe that it has been 16 years since we said 'I do'. I remember during our premarital counseling telling the pastor specifically..."I do NOT want my vows to include the word obey in reference to myself"...I was so adamant about it. And now look at me, the picture of obedience when it comes to being the submissive wife....wahahaha...just kidding but I have gotten far better, right?

I remember our wedding day so well. It was raining, the church was almost completely candlelit, and you were the most handsome man. How in the world was I about to become Mrs. Big Daddy? It was one of my most beautiful days.

I remember always saying "my husband" before almost every sentence. I was so proud to be your wife. And nothing has changed. I can look back and see all that we have endured together and if I hadn't been there to see it I wouldn't believe it. And I certainly wouldn't believe that we'd be standing on this side of it - happier and more in love because of the trials.

You are an amazing husband. I am so thankful for you, our marriage, our friendship, and our life together. I have been so blessed to be your wife. I love that I get to share each day by your side. I love you! 16!

For those of you interested in how we celebrated....

Big Daddy took the day off. We took Hunter and Faith to school, then took Hope to school. We went to lunch at Mama'a Pizza....only the best! We visited my grandmother in the hospital. We picked the kids up from school. I cooked dinner, Big Daddy helped clean the kitchen...speaking my love language again. We then cleaned out the garage together. I know, I know...fancy. But, hey after 16 years we totally deserve to splurge...ha! Seriously though it was a truly wonderful day.

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