Friday, September 5, 2008

The Depot

There is something about this particular cart that the girls love when shopping at the Depot. They can not fathom sitting in a regular, easy to push cart. Big Daddy never fails them and will look for one until he finds it. He has this habit of pretending they aren't steering right and starts pushing the cart faster and sideways and swervy. The girls grab the steering wheels and try like crazy to straighten it up. It is so funny. The whole time Big Daddy is narrating the drive. I noticed as he peeled out after the check out stand three different men of all ages got such a kick out of watching this scene. Then later I thought...does this joy just fall upon all men who enter the Depot? But I decided it is just funny watching a grown man peel out and swerve and drive a big basket crazy all the while hearing the endless laughter from our two daughters. It makes me smile just thinking about it. :0) Oh, and he always ends up with some type of treat from the candy/gum what kid in their right mind wouldn't want to go to the store with Big Daddy? All 4 of ours jump at the chance no matter where or when...I guess he is on to something.

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Britt said...

Fun Dads RULE. Go Big Daddy!