Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day...

Doesn't she look grown up?
Hope and Daddy on the first day of PreK...Love definitely knows something is up.
First Day of PreK, I can't believe it. Seems like yesterday she was just a baby and now she is 4 and attending PreK. She was so excited yesterday...well, the night before too. She had picked out her lunchbox, the old school metal Dora one. I tried to get her to go for the material one with the separate area for the cold stuff, to keep from squishing her sandwich. She wasn't having it...something about the metal and the little clasp. She picked out her backpack too. It has monkeys on it. She thinks it is perfect. The only thing she did not like was it is a requirement to bring a change of clothes and it bothered her to know that those may be needed. Once I explained it could be from spilling something or mud or lunch she was OK. She didn't want her teacher thinking she might not make it to the bathroom. Funny girl. Big Daddy had gone to work and decided I would take her solo. But after he was there only an hour couldn't stand he would miss such a big day. So, he came home...he kept saying I've never missed one with the older two and I don't want to miss her first day either. Hope was happy to see Big Daddy. She was so brave when we dropped her off. You could see her face change as we left (via a one way glass window). Not to scared but just the look of uncertainty. But when we picked her up she looked so tired. They do take a rest time but I think she probably was overwhelmed and couldn't rest. She didn't eat her lunch either. Well, she ate a fruit snack...yuk. So she was hungry too. I think as time passes and she understands the schedule and knows what is coming and when and what it all means she will do just fine. Still, it felt weird not having my big girl all day. She sat in my lap most of yesterday afternoon and night and wanted to be held a lot and didn't really leave my side too much at all. I am thinking she might have missed me just a little bit.

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