Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up...Bullet style

  • I have been beyond busy trying to get this house ready to go...and keeping it ready to show. Our hacienda is now officially on the market. Whew!
  • My Grandmother went into the hospital on Tuesday with low sodium. Who knew this was actually life threatening? I figure a couple of items of processed food a day and you are well over any healthy limit. She had a pacemaker placed on Thursday. She is home now and doing well.
  • Our 16th wedding anniversary was Thursday, 9/11. More to come.
  • My dad went to the hospital Friday morning with chest pains. He was thinking it was a heart attack. Turns out it could be aneurysm or anxiety. Testing to determine or eliminate conditions will be on Tuesday.
  • Hope had her 2nd soccer game this week. She scored three goals in the pouring down rain. While Ike was beginning to make himself known here Hope was tearing up the soccer field. And playing in the drenching rain, not our brightest parenting moment. She scored last week too, it just happened to be for the opponent. I have some photos of the first game on my mom's camera. She can't find her cord to download them yet. The 2nd game was far too wet to take any pics.
  • We signed off on all our design proposals and structural changes for our home...exciting times.
  • Our water pump went out on the suburban this week, but it was fixed quickly :)
  • Hope completed her first full week of school, soccer and Awanas, all of which she thoroughly enjoys and talks about non stop. I love that she is enjoying her big girl time. Seriously, this child is growing up too quickly right before my eyes.
  • Love found a Sharpie and went to town on the freshly painted walls and door...thank you Lord for Magic Erasers.
  • My nephew Michael had his birthday on the 9th. Happy Birthday!!
  • My sister is actually beginning to look like there is a baby on the way...and he is letting her know he is in there. So fun!
  • I am so far behind on reading my blogs and posting. I hope to catch up soon.
  • Hunter is chomping at the bit to go dove hunting. This is the first time he has not been early in the season. Dove are by far his favorite, for hunting and eating both. Bow season opens soon though, so we'll see.
  • Life is good. I truly mean it. I have been so blessed. Every time I begin to lose my patience or get overwhelmed I just think...somewhere there is a woman who would love to live my life. It could be that she'd love to have children, to have the child she is adopting finally be home, to have a husband, to be able to choose her own husband, to have a home, to have a vehicle, to have food, to have love, to have a relationship with her Heavenly Father. I mean I have be given so, so much...what do I really have to whine about anyway? My point exactly.

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