Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Much Fun...

Love and I went to the big Baby Store with Ninnie and MiMi today to register for Ninnie's shower. It was so much fun!! I have missed looking for the blue...it is funny, our last three kiddos were girls so my eye just knows pink...It's like Mom's car during happy hour at Sonic...it just knows. Ha! We were able to scan so many cute things...and they are sooo cute! I am excited about our new little nephew. He is going to be dressed to the nines and wrapped in the most cuddly soft baby blue blankets.

My sister is just beautiful...I love that pregnant glow she has. And the maternity clothes...back in the mid 90s when I was expecting our 2 kiddos everything still looked like moo-moos and tablecloths...nothing in the slightest bit cute. Now they have cute colors, shapes and styles. Just way better to feel cute when your carrying a baby...well, at least to me.

So, back to registering for Baby Jace....MiMi ditched Ninnie and I. She thought we were too slow. We like to feel all the blankets, shake all the toys, try out the strollers, just really take our time. It made me so ready for this baby boy to get here...although he needs to hold off at least a few more months. You hear that Jace? We love ya, but stay in the safe house a little longer.

Do you think MiMi is excited about a new baby???
At the registering table...doesn't
Love look too cute poking her head around Ninnie's belly.Ahhh...do you think Love knows Jace is in there?
No one told her to put her hand on Ninnie's belly...too cute :)

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