Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Babies...

Yesterday was an incredible day for many, many families...they received their referrals from China!! This group of parents have been waiting 2 years and 7 months since their paperwork was logged in with China for an adoption. Not to mention the additional 6-12 months you can tack onto that number just to get all your paperwork completed before submitting it. I think what gets me is that I have been in the shoes of those who wait...not near that long for our baby girls....praise the Lord! But, never the less we did wait. And it just breaks your heart. So, yesterday was the day that these parents have been dreaming of for years...Congratulations New Mommies and Daddies :) I'll just keep praying for all those precious little ones who are waiting and the families that wait for them...the wait is on track to become 4+ years....easily, if things continue at this pace. Lord, give them patience to get through the wait, hope for the amazing things to come and peace as they continue to endure the heartache.
Our agency actually had a set of twin boys referred yesterday...precious, precious, precious :) And, the baby girls were breathtaking too :)

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