Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just a Little Confused

Lately, Love and I have been communicating very, very well...or, so I thought. I would ask her simple questions and she would respond by nodding her head up and down and saying "jeh". Which I totally thought meant yes. Until I noticed she answered yes to everything. Then I asked really random questions and the answer was still the nodding and the "jeh". Her cousins got such a big kick out of it...typical little boys...

them: "Hey Love, Are you a Boy?"
her: "jeh"
followed by roaring laughter...and Love would laugh too.
them: "Are you sleeping?"
her: "jeh"
them: "Did you just eat a lizard?"
her: "jeh"
more laughter

The connection she has made with the head shaking and the "jeh" are impressive...she could very well get through her day on that alone. But, I feel bad not picking up on it sooner...I was so proud of our new found communication I was even bragging about it to our social worker at our 6 month post placement visit. Sorry about that Heather...but, she's still awful cute!

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Amie@HeartSmiles said...

brag away mama! It is impressive that she gets that she is being asked a question! and yes, seriously cute!