Monday, September 22, 2008



Crazy!Swinging with the little girls...this happens quite often :0)

Sporting Hunter's hat and throwing the she'd say...I think.

Faith....our goofball! She is so stinkin' silly. I just don't know when she decided to grow up. It seems like just yesterday she was beginning elementary school and now she is smack dab in the middle of her Jr. high years...crazy! She should have been born with a disclaimer or an instruction manual. She is what people are talking about when they say anything to do with teenagers and how difficult it can be to raise them...and she's all ours. No matter what the challenge or disagreement is about...we could not love her one ounce more. She is really a sweet kid...she just doesn't like that to get will ruin her image. She is the best big sister to both of her little sisters. They love her so much. She is not ever to old to play with them, hold them, or love on them...she tells them how pretty they are and how smart they are...she is wonderful for their self esteem. She is so goofy, and has such a witty sense of humor. She's our big girl whom I don't seem to write enough about. She is just really busy, chillaxin (chillin and relaxing combo...see, I can be hip...erh, cool...uhh, I mean smooth) texting (when she has her phone, which hasn't been too often lately) and hanging with the friends. She's growing up and I don't really like it all that much...I miss my little girl.

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