Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Block Party...

Love has been having "block parties" since she arrived home. She loves to build things. Whether it is a two row tall building or a two row long river or whatever combination she comes up with. She would spend an hour or more doing this without much input from anyone. She wants to make sure you are in the room but it gives me at least 20-30 minutes for my quiet time in the morning. She is too funny. She will work really hard on building it then she must demolish it...she can't just leave it or even stop building and start something else without the destruction of her creation first. And the joy she gets from it is something else...she smiles bigger and laughs more as she knocks down the blocks than when she is building with them.
One of her favorite type of "buildings"...two rows as tall as they can get and then she knocks them over so hard they fly everywhere. She's not sleepy in this photo, she has a mosquito bite on her left eyelid and it nearly caused it to swell shut. Poor baby, she and Hope are like mosquito repellent for everyone around...unfortunately, they are always the target, even with bug spray!
And the aftermath of the block demolition. She is so proud. She has this new smile thing she is test driving...it is very "pageant". Her teeth are together and she is smiling but it really isn't her...it is her pretending to be happy for the camera. Bring back any memories Robin? I don't know how many photos that are out there of us with this same type of "pageant" smile pasted on our faces...of course, our smiles were framed with spit curls on each cheek...oh, the good ole days ;) To truly appreciate the smile you'll need to click on it to enlarge it.

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