Friday, September 19, 2008

Where did the names come from?

Well, I know in my profile many people have wondered...exactly where do you get that Big Daddy is exotic? Well, here is the back story. While in China to meet our youngest daughter Love, we had a "photo shoot" with Big Daddy and many different people. They all took turns getting their photo taken with him. Seriously, it was like the Chinese paparazzi was on our tail. The guide told us they were fascinated with him. That he was very exotic...OK, so I guess it is all relative. We got such a big kick out of it...I decided from then on...he was going to be referred to as my exotic man...not just any woman can say that can she?
Now, where did the name Sugar Momma come from? Well, that came from my darling daughter Hope. If you have not ever seen the cartoon "The Proud Family", there is a character on there named Sugar Momma. Hope lovingly refers to me as Sugar Momma all the time...."C'mon out here Sugar Momma", "Hurry up Sugar Momma", "I love you Sugar Momma", "Whats happening Sugar Momma" and the like. It sounds so adorable and I just love it.
Nope, Sugar Momma is not the cute mom on the right...she is the gray haired, full figured grandma with a cane in the resemblance though...erh, right? Teehee.

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