Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Yes Folks...He's Legal

To DRIVE that is :)
Getting the car out of the parking lot
Pulling up to pick up the lady who may or may not pass him
And he parallel parks "on a dime" according to previously mentioned lady :)

And begins the test out and about the neighborhood
Signing his (insert drum roll here) DRIVERS LICENSE

Appreciating a good test when he sees one :)
"I KNEW you could do it Son!"

We arrived at the DPS and had quite a wait this morning. It was filled with my humor (which to be honest - is pretty stinkin funny). I'm good like that. Hunter really did not care for it. He was stressed to say the least. He even listed his address three doors down from us. Did I mention he was nervous? He took about 8 minutes to fill out a paper that should have taken about 1 - if that. He is so afraid to make a mistake. First born through and through. He was gone for around 10 or 15 minutes. He walked up with the instructor, no smiles as they near us. Finally she blurts out "He Passed!" And cue the smiles. I think I may have done a jump up and down thingy. I am not sure if he could have said anything or not...he looked a little shocked and maybe just in disbelief. He did it folks. He is legal. My baby boy who just turned 16 passed his drivers test. She told us he was an exceptional driver. That from parent taught drivers ed. is quite a compliment. But, as for our auto insurance, well...she's seen better days. But seriously we are so proud of you Hunter!!
Now, if you could just run a couple of errands for me...No, I'm not kidding :) I think I could used to this :)

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Anonymous said...

I missed telling my grandson how special he is to me Also did I mention that he is also a very good driver! Yes, I said VERY good driver.Don't usually hear that out of grandmas because we are always scared when they start driving. I am so proud to be his MIMI he always makes me feel very special! Here's to many years of driving safely Hunter and remember my rules no cell phones or loud music while driving I want you to be around a veryyyyyyyyyyy longgg Time. Have fun safe for Me and you. I LOVE YOU!! MIMI