Thursday, November 4, 2010

How 'Bout a Taco?

Faith has been wanting a lap dog that she could love on and would sleep in her room. We looked at some shelters and found....Taco :) He has been the best dog ever. He is perfectly content with laying in your lap or on your chest all day long. She loves this dog so much :)
Tucker is having some "issues" but is only at fault for wanting to play. It doesn't work when you have 75# of dog playing with 6# of dog. But they are working out their issues and are getting better.

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Anonymous said...

Two precious dogs ! One thinks he is little and wants to jump in your lap but....weighs 75# and the other thinks he is human and wants to go with you the minute the door opens regardless they are both sweet dogs!....Tucker has a hard time understanding he is bigger than me when he jumps up but he to will calm down soon.