Thursday, November 4, 2010

Look Who Got Glasses :)

We have been going to the pediatric opthomologist every six months since we brought her home. He has been warning us the time was coming and this appointment he decided it was time. She is near sighted. He said she should be able to see expressions across the room and not have to sit 2ft. in front of the TV to watch it. I think she could not look more adorable. The only thing is she has little rub marks on the sides of the bridge of her nose...anything I can do? But cute is she?!

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Angie said...

Little Love, you are adorable in your new glasses. Laura gets rub marks occassionally, but the little rubber things (can't think of the name) usually help. And I think it helps, sometimes, to have the kind that wrap around the ear so they don't have to just rest on the nose. Laura barely has a nose to keep them on, anyway!