Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Youngest, the Eldest and the Dog

These two have a pretty beautiful relationship. MaMa always has time for Love. And Love always has time for MaMa. MaMa is good about reading her books on the stairs if everyone is busy talking in the living room or telling her stories while snuggling under a blanket - the blanket that Love covered her up with to make sure MaMa was warm :)
It's hard to believe these two are 85 years apart in age. If you can see what I see - they have quite a connection :) And if Taco (the dog) could talk I am sure he'd tell you MaMa never moves if he is laying in her lap. She doesn't want to disturb him.

MaMa has recently expressed that she doesn't feel like she makes a difference. Like she doesn't do much that matters, she doesn't really get to help out or be useful. I can tell you this - when I was growing up about the age of Hope and began reading she was the one who sat there patiently with me as I sounded out words and read first sentences. She was the one who would play Old Maid and Slap Jack with me until I was tired of playing...which would take a while. The one to take me school shopping all day or let me write these awful poems and tell me how wonderful they were. That is what I remember more than anything...the time, her being there. Her being present in our conversations and our time spent together. She never made me feel like she had something better or more important to do. And now she does that for my children. Such a sweet time. She did it with me and now with my youngest...and to think she questions her importance of being here...the difference she makes. Now if that isn't something I don't know what is.


Angie said...

What a gift to your family to have her! Not many children can say that they've had a close relationship with a great grandparent...truly a gift!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about MaMa and she does extend herself with the great grandkids as well as when my children and my brothers kids were small. She is one remarkable woman and the only one close to being like her was her own mother. She worshiped the days with my kids also and we will never ever forget the time these two beautiful women spent with myself and my children as well as my grandchildren. God blessed me and all of my kids and grandkids with two very special women. One being my GRANDMOTHERand the other one MY beautiful MOM!! I truley believe he picked the best for me and my family. I love her so much and have great memories still in the making!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks MaMa for even letting me be one of your grandkids! I remember you when I was a little girl and the kindness you showed as you worked at Hilley's Drug. I am so lucky that my brother married your grand daughter, cuz it was a package deal, you got us too! You out lasted everyone last New Years Eve! To sum it all up WE are so lucky that you enjoy doing even the littlest things that might not seem important to some, but mean the whole world to us!!!! I love you MaMa!!!!!