Monday, May 10, 2010

Soccer...Faith and Hope Style

We had another weekend of soccer...two games on Sat and one Sun afternoon. These are the pics that I liked. Needless to say we are starting off with the girls number one fan - MiMi! Hardly ever misses a game :)


Angie said...

Man, your girls can play! I'd be scared silly to be out there on Faith's field...they'd roll right over me! Our games were rained out Sat., and looks like more cold rain tomorrow night...ugh! We need some warm TX weather!

Anonymous said...

No way if I can be there I will be! I love watching all my grandkids games which keeps this old woman a little busy. I love it. Nothing is greater than cheering my girls and guys on. Hope you did awesome on your goal Sat looked a little bit professional. Faith loved watching you also you held your own with two very good teams just remember keep yourself between the girl and the ball and keep them to the outside. I know you know all this already but...I want to see you shine oh yes and add a little body slam when needed lol. Love you girls. Love MIMI