Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hey, hey, hey....Good Bye!

Well, today marks the last day of Hunter's 7th grade year and Faith's 6th grade year. I can not even believe it....makes me feel old. I shouldn't be old enough to have that age children...I 'just' graduated myself...ha ha!

We are celebrating. Faith has struggled with math since she was little. And as the years pass by the struggle becomes harder and harder. She was very discouraged this year and we thought it was a BIG possibility she would not pass math. But....SHE DID!!! We are so proud of her!! It was tough to say the least but she did it. She is still going to summer school this year but it won't determine her passing to the 7th grade it will serve as a tutoring aid. We are hoping this will give her more confidence in her math ability and help fill learning 'gaps'. She is not even upset about having to go. It is only for 6 weeks and she has to attend 2 hours a day. Not too bad...really. She will also be having a class next year solely dedicated to math tutoring in addition to a regular math class. I feel relieved that we will not have the drama that surrounds a preteen knee deep in math woes this summer. You can see that a burden has been me...there have been many, many days we specifically prayed about Faith and her math class. So, on to the celebrating...she went swimming with her aunt and cousins and she is having a friend stay over, they are going to youth at church and probably rent a movie and bake something tonight. I am still having a hard time believing her caught me off guard. I had already prepared her for the possibility of staying in 6th grade, summer school, or changing schools all together. I am so happy that we don't have to think about it anymore.

Without further ado...we bid farewell to 6th long, adios, hey...hey...hey....Good Bye!

Woo Hoo...7th Grade Here She Comes!!

We Are So Proud of You!!!

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Julie said...

WhoooHooo Faith!!!! Way to go girl! I am so proud of you! 7th grade here she comes!

Love you,
Aunt Julie

June 5, 2008 4:29 PM