Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Universal Language...

I was looking over the photos we took from our recent trip to China. I found one of my very most favorite. It is of our Hope and a little girl who lives in China. We were at East Lake in Wuhan. We found an area where it was nice and open near an icecream stand. A good place to run around. Hope began playing with a little girl who came up the steps shortly after she did. They played together probably a good 15 minutes before they realized they could not verbally communicate. They had such a ball. Watching them was so much fun. My husband and I kept wondering when it would come into play. We didn't say anything to Hope about it. They played chase and picked flowers. Once the little girl started speaking to Hope, it seemed like she was asking her a question. I loved the look on Hope's face. She looked at us like.....what? Then, they smiled at each other and began playing again. Not even a beat skipped. When we decided to move on inside the park. Hope handed the little girl a flower...the little girl responded "Xie Xie" (which means thank you and a word Hope knew well). Hope got the biggest smile on her face and shouted..."Momma, she said thank you!" She was so excited that she understood her. She was beaming as if she carried on a long conversation with her...which, I guess she sort of did. It was refreshing to see that friendship was a universal language. Ahhh...to be a kid again :)

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