Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend ReCap...

The Group....our nephew,Hope, Faith, Hunter, the hubby, Love, our niece and our brother in law. The guys were troopers...neither Mom got in the pool today...we were photographers :)
Our handsome fella is growing up....where did the time go?
Hey y'all!
We have had another great weekend! We had wonderful weather and lots to do and spent time with some family we had been missing out on :-)
Friday we went to Applebee's for dinner and then had coffee at my sil and bil's house. It was yummy and we were able to talk more this visit than in the last few. You see, we have been home with Love now for 2 months and they have been home with their daughter for 3 months, she is two. Our little girls are 3,2, and 1 at this point So, to talk at all at this point is some high achieving in our book.
Saturday, I ended up taking Hunter and a friend to the skate park in the metroplex. They had so much fun. It is way too expensive to do it very often. But, they enjoy the opportunities that the ramps, 1/4 pipes, 1/2 pipes, boxes and rails the lingo?....I am a quick study. We, my mom, and my three girls and I; were able to do some shopping while the boys skated. It was fun, fun, fun! I love the Children's many good deals! I had to have some new summer clothes for Hope...she is growing like a weed! We went for Marble Slab later that evening....even more fun :) Have y'all ever tried Sweetcream with fresh strawberries? It is the best...although most of my family prefers Cotton Candy. I haven't found a flavor there I didn't like...they are a bit pricey though. It is considered a treat for us when we go.
Sunday we went to the early service at church. The sermon....on pride...OUCH! Let's just say the point was well given and received...even though a bit painful at times. Our pastor delivered a wonderful message...pride is one of those things that tends to mess me up. I will be the first to say....I struggle with it. Whether it be too prideful to ask for help, or to say I am sorry or to admit I made a poor choice. Not because I don't know I need the help or that I am wrong just too prideful sometimes to admit it. It happens, I am working on it, rather He is working on it. I personally liked to accredit it to my genes but our pastor hit the nail on the head when he told me...well, felt like just me...pride is a choice. I am choosing to be prideful. Well, great, now I have to own it. So, there I have said the accountability bar is raised.... :)

We then had lunch with my grandmother. She is precious. She is in her late 80s and doing pretty darn well. She goes to church with us every Sunday and then we have lunch. She likes it a lot and we enjoy her. She loves those kids of ours too. She has such a kind and gentle spirit. We love her so much!

Then we went to my sil and bil's house to swim. The kids and the hubby went swimming...I am still fighting off the swimsuit battle...I detest swimsuits. But, I am going to go and get one and even wear it this summer...with family. But I won't like it ~ Just for the record. The kids love to swim and it wears them out pretty good too. They always sleep well after swimming.

We ended our night going to the Will Graham Celebration. It was so awesome! I definitely felt the Spirit moving. Britt Nicole opened. I haven't heard of her before but she was really good. I liked her lyrics...although, I can tell I have past my "cool" age for music...I couldn't understand most of what she said (I thought only old people say that)but the words were on the huge screens. She was fun, and funky and real. Both of my older kids and their friends liked her the best. Then came Salvador. They were good too. And then Tree 63. I liked them all a lot. I kept getting cold chills watching the youth, and there were a lot of them, when they would raise their hands and jump up and down, just really pumped up. There is something about moves revives makes me want to jump up and down...but not if someone is is the pride thing again. An absolute wonderful Celebration. Will Graham is a great vessel for the Lord. He brang it. He is not fancy, or complicated. He is clear and direct and speaks the truth. I would guess hundreds came forward tonight. It is awesome to see the Lord move like draw people to Him and the people put all things aside and do it...step out of their comfort zone...knowing people will be watching...and do it... It is such a tender time. It is harvest time. We were blessed to witness such a plentiful one.

So, that is our weekend. We have a super short school week and then the kiddos are out for almost 3 months!! Yea!!

Oh, I found my camera...I guess Love got a hold of it. It was under the bed. No matter how much memory loss I suffer from....I definitely did not place it there.


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