Thursday, May 29, 2008


Omigoodness! Things are so crazy around this house today. The hubby was at home.
He finished up a hefty do-it-yourself project...and the new doors he hung look mighty
nice. Good job baby!

There was a tragedy that affected our eldest daughter at school. Her first experience with the
death of a classmate. It bothered her, in fact her exact words were "I felt like I was
going to throw up". It is hard. The realization that life doesn't last forever and that sometimes
the young do die first is a hard bite to swallow. We let her know there aren't any mistakes and that the Lord knows exactly how many breaths we will all draw. We hope she finds comfort in knowing that nothing is a surprise to God. He is still here and still loves us all.

The kids have projects out the kazoo due this week and next for the end of the 6 weeks and then school will be out for the summer!! My kids need a break. All kids need a break. Heck, those teachers definitely need a break :)

The little girls are going stir crazy. I really am not a big fan of the public restaurant playground but I am about to give in. Our yard and the parks have been groady and muddy from all of our rain lately. Poor girls. There is only so much paint, chalk and reading one kid can take without room to burn off steam. Tomorrow maybe the sun will shine and dry things up for us. Speaking of rain, it made our yard really green and the flowers that have not bloomed since we lived here are blooming. They are growing so pretty. It's cool to me how when God gives us rain it looks like everyone has had some pricey fertilizer on their lawns and they are so lush and beautiful. We can spend $100+ on a water bill and Miracle grow our yard and it will still look thirsty. Just an observation...check it out for yourself. It is true.

I can't find my camera anywhere. This stinks so bad because I am convinced I was the last one
with it. Can you have memory loss in your mid 30s? If not, I may need to sign up for a case study on it...I know I could provide good data for them.

Talk to you soon...hopefully with photos :)

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