Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home 2 Months :)

Love's Referral Photo
Bringing Love in the room for the first time!!
Love at home with her family for 2 months!!

Well, the 27th marked our 2nd month home with our little "Love". She is just as precious as the first day we laid eyes on her in Wuhan. She had three adorable pig tails and the sweetest temperament. She was happy and energetic even those first minutes with us. She is a laid back, easy going kind of gal. But, as far as organization or planning...well, the brain of this new mom to 4 is fried. I am not good at it yet, but I am trying.

Back to Love, she has changed so much. She:

*babbles English words more regularly now

*loves to take a bath and would do so anytime and anyplace

*enjoys being outside

*loves her siblings

*loves her vacuum cleaner and to "vacuum"

*when she is hungry will laugh with excitement when she sees her food coming

*wants to be like her big sister Hope

*loves to drink from a straw

*she'd give a monkey quite the competition in climbing

*she likes to lean on her stomach on things and let her feet hang and swing them back and forth

*loves grilled chicken most

*brushes her teeth like a mad woman

*can hear even the lightest sound within a 2 mile radius when trying to nap

*loves to dance to "Here Comes Peter Cottontail"

*loves to sing and to lip sync

*heart melter

*smile provoker

*living love potion

Love is perfect for our family. I could not have imagined how well she would adjust to our family. She has bonded amazingly well and quickly. We are blessed beyond measure that we were chosen to be her parents...we don't deserve this child.

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