Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Fun!

Mi Mi and Love
Faith and Hope
Hunter with Love
Faith and the Sunscreen Remover :)

For memorial day we went to my sister's friend for the day. We enjoyed the typical fare of grilled burgers and watermelon. Plus, there was every kind of fresh fruit available...yummy!! Her friend has a pool and a really awesome porch that allowed those who wanted shade to enjoy it and those who wanted sun still had plenty of room too. All of our kiddos love, love, love to swim and be in the water. Love had her first time in the pool. She is hooked...oh Daddy...we "need" a pool. I heard that a lot. You know when you have a pool you can't wait to get rid of it and when you don't have really miss the days you did. The kids had on plenty of sunscreen and we re-applied several times but the slide I guess would remove the sunscreen as their bodies rubbed against the sides and back....and well, our fair skinned Faith is a wonderful new shade of tomato red. She is only in a little pain. Poor baby. She did get to wear her new swim suit though. Hope had much more freedom in the pool this time. She just wore floaties and went everywhere she wanted. It was a good time. We appreciated the time with family and even though it was was a lot of fun.

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