Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Camping Trip

Hunter and Hope 4 Wheeling
Just Fishing
Hunter with "the Catch"
Permission to throw rocks...yes!!
the snake...yuk~

This past weekend the hubs, Hunter and Hope all went camping with some good friends. They had a blast. They only stayed a couple of nights. The land is right on the river and they enjoyed the fishin' and swimming. They did not however enjoy the snakes that they continued to encounter. Hunter even came up on and killed a rattlesnake...yuk!! Hunter talks about them like no big deal. He's been told to be on look out for them, where they might be and what they look like since he was about 2. He loves to go hunting and fishing and snakes are just part of that. I am learning to deal with it. Of course, what bothered me more is my Hope was covered...literally covered in bug bites. I am not sure if it was chiggers or mosquitoes. For some reason no matter how much or what type of bug spray we use... it doesn't seem to phase them. She is usually like the repellent for all the other people....they swarm her and leave everyone else alone. Either isn't fun for her and they are everywhere...even in her hair!! Poor baby. I asked her about staying home with Mom next trip...I got a quick "No! I'm a fisher gurl." She isn't that bothered by them apparently. They ended up catching 2 nice size catfish and they are "true" campers. They eat what they catch or kill. No going into to town for DQ or some other local name restaurant. They really enjoy the camfire at night and even night fishing. They just love it outdoors :)

I am glad they had a good time and I am not one bit jealous of the fact they were there. Faith, Love and I all went shopping for Faith a new swimsuit and had some nice food from a good resaurant. I have tried camping. In fact I spent 3 full nights during the impending Y2K days and I am not a good camper. I never thought I was spoiled until I realized I would give up family time for a shower and toilets. A woman has to draw the line somewhere. And if you are ever caught with no toilet and it is freezing cold outside and your husband is out hunting...don't let your children know you used a cooking pot...they will rat on you everytime...not speaking from experience or anything ;)


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