Friday, June 6, 2008

Ahhh Vacation....

Where we'd love to be going....

OK...this is going to be a blog that is purely pouting in nature...prepare.

We have been on a family vacation every year since Hunter was born. Some type of vacation - generally we flip years mountains one year, the beach the next with a Sea World and Disney World thrown in. This year is our year to go to the mountains. We have some of our best memories on these vacations. Just the relaxation, the hanging out, the new experiences, and all the 'firsts' we get to have together. I have a scrapbook (although sadly behind in years) solely dedicated to our vacations. It is the time we look forward to...knowing the everyday dishes and laundry and day to day chores are by the wayside even if for a few days or a week. I know for us, vacations are something we wanted to give our family once a year. And, well...this ain't gonna happen. This year due to soaring gas prices, premium prices for condos and the increase cost of simply dining out as a family of 6, we will be Living La Vida Local. Ha!

We have been considering some places...just in case that windfall of cash comes our way or that money tree actually produces this summer. But, if not...I guess we will do what the ever fashionable families all over the country are resorting to...pun intended. We will experience a "stay-cation". A stay-cation is generally spent at your home or near it...where you still take a week off and live like a vacation. Generally the choice is due to time or financial restraints. Ours is the latter but ~ It will be fabulous. I heard about this from my sil last weekend and then lo and behold if the Today show didn't run a segment on it. So, we will stay home and relax and hang out. We have a few pools in our family that we may get to go to for a day trip or two. We have 50 acres we could go camping at (seriously, I can't believe I just suggested that)...we could get in touch with nature. There is always the movies, the water parks, the amusement parks. We have access to so many lakes and even a boat, we could go and fish and ski. We have the Wii. We need to get good at family games again...Mexican train, Sequence, and Yahtzee...ya know. So maybe this stay-cation is just what the Dr. ordered. I think I will title it..."It's Our Wonderful World...Stay-Cation"

I know we are very fortunate to have been able to take these vacations so far....and even without one of them we are still very fortunate...but, it makes me a little sad that we won't be having that full on adventure of not exactly knowing how to get somewhere, what the condo will look like, where or what we will eat, what new things we will encounter or what first time things we could witness or even how much the town has changed over a year or two.

So, we have set up a donation fund for the "Family Treasure" Vacation Fund...if you feel led to donate please contact us...we will be glad to get you in touch with our people and set up a payment plan...haha!

Seriously, what are your plans for vacation? We are going to spend some of our stay-cation time planning and budgeting for our 2009 vacation ;0)

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