Friday, June 6, 2008

Got Our Kung Fu On!

Well, we took Love to her first movie today, "Kung Fu Panda"...probably premature considering she doesn't watch any television yet. She was most interested in the 5000 calorie tub of popcorn...that's my girl :0) She did well, it lasted about as long as a Sunday morning service and that is her limit. She stayed pretty still, she even laughed...but only when we were laughing...still, it was funny. I am glad she was free, 'cause she got zip from it...except maybe a few extra pounds from the aforementioned snack. Now, Hope on the other hand, she dug it. In fact, she got her kung fu on right there in the seat...this could have opened a can of worms I'd prefer stay to shut for a while. But she did amazing...she got it. It had quite a bit of fighting....physical fighting but most of it was lighthearted. I still think it could have been a little too much for a 3 year old.

It had a sweet message. One, that you have to believe that it is not your knowledge, skills or looks that matter, it is the condition of your heart. Two, that the good will prevail, even if it doesn't look like it on the surface. And there was the fact that although there were other "kung fu fighters" that were much more experienced and much more equipped for defeating the villain, it was Po, the inexperienced and unskilled who was chosen and then equipped to defeat the enemy. This shouted biblical reference to me personally. Hunter thought it was good and my man and I liked it too. But, not as much as I feel like we should have to pay the tune of $42.00 for the 5 of us (Faith was swimming). Of course, that includes the popcorn and 2 cokes...and the matinee special price (& Love was free)....cuh-razee! The facial expressions were so funny and the part of Po was too cute. And this is the first and only movie I have seen with my man that I didn't have to think twice about my own insecurities with Angelin@ Jo*lie being in the film. She is so not hot in this movie ;0)

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