Monday, June 9, 2008

Wii Are Gonna Get Fit

We bought the Wii Fit this past weekend. We, well really I, had been wanting it for a few weeks now. The kids received this fabulous gift card from Game St*p for Christmas from my aunt and uncle. I thought it would be the perfect way to spend it. They have been out by the time I get around to the stores for a while now. The kids weren't so sure about buying something that contain the word "Fit". But, really, they had no choice. It would be the best all around age pleaser.

Y'all it is so much fun...really! My kids are constantly wanting to play it...not getting that they are becoming more fit as they do. I love it too! It is a lot more challenging than what it sounds. By far Hunter is the best with the balance and Hope is best with the aerobics. Daddy and I did the 3 minute run and we were both out of breath (don't laugh...that little Mii ahead of us was fast). Hope runs it and asks if she can run it didn't even phase her. Love, she has been on the Wii board and even scored some points on the soccer balance game - too funny! She goes and gets on her little pink step stool, puts it down beside the person playing and copies them playing the game...laughing the whole time. It is quite funny.

So, y'all come over. Wii would like to play ;0)

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