Thursday, June 12, 2008

Playin' Around...

Our swimmer gurl....I love the expression on Hope's face Love playing in the rice...she has a ball! The last picture is what her face looks like if you say "Cheese" while taking a photo ~ everytime. Little Ham :)

Hope working on her crafts...she glued foamies to photo frames, painted, colored...she was busy, busy, busy!! Isn't she just beautiful?

Well, yesterday....
We had a wonderful day at the sil and bil's house. We spent all day over there, came home for a sleep break and went back until night time. The pool was great, the swimming was great, the company was great. We, unfortunately had to bomb our house...those stinkin' fruit flies are everywhere. I guess it was the bananas. They were driving me crazy! So we needed a refuge. And my sil was willing to put up with us for the day. I managed to end up with a sunburn...yuk!
We have spent most of our time around the house today....the girls did crafts and I tried to clean....not complete success but near. Love digs playing in rice with bowls and measuring spoons. She will sit there forever...I have to make her get down. Hope was busy doing her "work".
Today marked Faith's second day of summer school. Get this...she says she likes it, it's fun and different! I hope this new found fondess lasts :)

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