Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Treatin'

Last night the girls had so much fun!! We had a little trouble getting started...we had originally set our minds on leaving at 5:30. We just go around town to see family. We went to see my parents, Big Daddy's parents, both of my grandmas, my great aunt, and my aunt and uncle...all in this town...that is a lot of family, huh? It normally wouldn't take until 10:00 but it did because of all the traffic and we don't just go up to the door...we visit. Which is a lot of fun too!

Hope's outfit is pretty special. My grandmother, Totsie; made it for me waayyy back when I was a little girl. It is 32 years old and looks like brand new. Faith wore it when she was 4 and if I have anything to do with it Love will wear it when she is big enough too. It is just such a cute little outfit. Hope really didn't want to be a bumble bee...she wanted to be Batman. Then when she realized that battle wasn't going to be won she decided she would wear her boots with her costume, they are regular girly black boots, not western. She said she was going to tell everyone she was a cowboy instead. It was funny.

Love was our little lady bug. Love's outfit was Hope's outfit when she celebrated her first Halloween. She didn't much like having the head part on, which I don't blame her and it was a fairly warm evening so the outfit itself was hot. But she was just precious!

Hunter decided last minute he would go to his friends house. We had to throw together a last minute outfit...he and Big Daddy came back with the hat and we added a moustache. I thought he looked pretty good for no more thought that went into it. Of course the Holli$ter shirt didn't pull it together at all. He only wanted to use minimal effort. Oh and y'all....he blessed his momma so much last night. He called me into his room to show me his collection of candies. And my boy had it in piles...Be still my love of separating and sorting has been passed on :)

Faith was at a friends house and dressed as a fairy...without any wings. It was sad, but borrowed so how could I complain? She ended up having so much fun. I had bought her the red wig I wore...I thought she'd make a cute hillbilly. She didn't want to be something silly though. She had her friend stay over last night and the chatting went on and on and on. I should have removed the sugar early only fueled the fire :)

So now...the amount of candy at our house is obscene. It is crazy, over the top too much. In fact, our dentist just may be going to the Bahama's on our family bill alone. Just kidding...we are stocking up on Colgate too!! They won't be eating all of makes a nice little bowl at the top of the fridge...of course the big kids are no longer too little to get to it....maybe I'll put it in a closet...there is just too much temptation....maybe it should go with Big Daddy to work :) Another thing that seems to be passed on is to pass out the treats to the trick or treaters. Everyone of our kids loves going to Totsie's with the big glass door and wait on them to come...and come they groves. Anytime there was a break in the groups Hope would keep asking..."when are they coming?" Even Love helped pass out candy. I love that they enjoy being the givers of the goods:)

All in all it was a great evening. The little girls had a blast, especially Hope...she asked this morning..."Mom, how long until we go trick or treating again?" A long time honey :)

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