Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is what happens when...

You have a bath ready for your 2 year old and your phone rings.....she came to me totally naked(she removed her thankfully unsoiled diaper), both arms raised in the air, shouting "Tah-Dah!" over and over. Hmmmm....Come to find out she got bored in the three minutes I was talking to my grandmother and decided to toss anything in site into the tub...and she was dern proud of it :) This little chick is gonna give me a run for my money...don't they have a saying about having children being a payback...? Well, I don't think it is right if it happens to you because of your spouse's childhood, ha! Just kiddin' honey. If only you could have seen her face light up telling me about what she had accomplished...she was just so delighted with herself....what can one do? Yep, just laugh and grab the camera :)

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