Thursday, November 6, 2008

For me?

Late last night Hunter came in from the store with Big Daddy. He was calling for Hope. He was disappointed she was asleep, which was a bit unusual. I didn't think much more on it. Then this morning, he woke Hope up early. He was pretty excited about something. He told her to come with him, he bought something for her. And in her sweetest, early morning voice she responded..."Bubba, you bought something for me?" (It about brought tears to my eyes) And he grabbed her by the hand and led her into his room. He received $10 yesterday from a little bird...who will remain nameless for now. And the boy spent a good chunk of it on his little sister. To say she was surprised would not be enough. She was completely caught off guard (and she wasn't the only one). He purchased her a little tech deck. She loves them, because he does. He usually gets on to her for getting them out of his room and losing them...which makes them all the more appealing to her, because they are off limits. She was so happy with his generosity. She just smiled from ear to ear and gave him a big hug. Trust me when I say it isn't his nature...he loves her don't get me wrong, but he is still a teenager with a nosey little 4 year old sister. I enjoyed being a part of the background as this situation unfolded this morning...I stayed out of sight but followed behind them as they went together. I realized more than ever....She can be bothersome to him....But, he loves her completely none the less...just don't tell anybody, k?

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