Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick Check In...

Hey y'all! We've been moving like crazy. I picture us like the ants in a hill that some kid spits on....we are going in so many different directions...can't keep focused without our routine. So, we won't have internet at our new home until the 21st. Hopefully we will update through the parents though. It is not even right how much I have missed our computer. My son acutally made the comment..."Mom, it's been nice you not being on the computer so much....OUCH!!"

Love is doing well, we are off to the urologist this morning. She is healing really well from the laser treatment and having a ball at the new house....We have a circle at our house...more later :)

Hope had her last soccer game...3 goals!! She had a blast and received an extra special momento...more later....oh, guys, I have so much to tell.

Hunter is loving the new digs...across the street from your best does life get better?

Faith is still texting up a storm...her neck seriously hurts from it....looking down and texting...does anyone else know what I am talking about here? I pick the kids up at school and realize...I should be a chiropractor...hundreds and hundreds look just like her. Oh my!

My very pregnant sister took a fall yesterday helping us her defense she only had a hand full of was scary though. Luckily she has one of those heart beat detector thingies and we checked him out...he is still beating up a storm and moving like crazy. She caught herself by sacrificing all parts of her body to protect her baby cub. Her face...well, it is a bit scratched up, as is her ankle, both knees and her elbow. But, the belly, she is a beauty, not a even a scratch...way to go little Momma!!

For this sweet family....hang in there...we are all still praying faithfully for you :)

Well, that's all for now folks....taking a deep felt like I said all that without breathing

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