Friday, November 21, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again....

Hey guys!! I have missed my cyber world so wouldn't even believe. I have missed reading about my bloggy friends, reading emails, and access to the dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesarus on a whim. I am spoiled y'all. I know it. I own it.
So, where to start....I guess I will make it one very long post to catch up...otherwise I may miss something or leave something out...which I am probably bound to do with so much going on.
Old House/New House

First, we closed on our house!!! Woo Hoo! Praise the Lord! You have no idea how dicey it became even the day of closing. It could have gone either way. Don't get me wrong, that house served its purpose. We were on Dave Ramsey's plan when we bought it...gonna be out of debt in a matter of and all. Yeah, right. So, we didn't follow the plan. Or even get close. We have failed miserably, but with such good intentions. And But, it is over :)...for now. I am not kidding when I say this was our theme when we moved.

So, we have been living in the rent house now for about 1.5 weeks. We like it very much. It is roomy although less square feet than our last just feels bigger here. Y'all know...more room to spread out and think and just be. Here is a picture of the girls the first morning they woke up here. Just had to document the memory.The kids in the neighborhood have really been a different change of pace for us. The house we just sold was more of a retirement children other than ours but very nice neighbors. The house before that was on 42 no neighbors there either. Big Daddy set up the swing set and I am not kidding within a matter of minutes 5 kids rushed our back yard. Hope had such a ball. In fact, there is one little boy who comes to the door all the time asking..."Can that girl with black hair play?" Oh my word! Hope is eating it up :) Love had to stand on the inside and just watch, there are so many kids in the backyard...which is a bit small. It was sad but she could rest her arms on the window sill and was fine with being a spectator for a little while.

And a house is just a house...right? I mean I don't need fancy things...these thoughts along with the iffy economy has me thinking a lot about what I may want and what I may need. What I need is my husband home and my children need their Dad to be more than a financial father...someone who is present and not stuck at work...a lot. For the neighborhood or the hardwood floors or granite countertops. Thank goodness we have that now, and I am not willing to ask him to give up any time at home for work to pay for those things, and that is all they are really...just things. They won't train my children in the ways they should go, they won't love my kids, play with my kids, protect my kids or direct my kids.....Just thoughts running through my mind a lot lately as I realize we have for sure 4 or 5 years left with Hunter at home full time and then Faith is on his heels...what do I really want to sacrifice for shelter? Not time....time is so precious and never regained...not presence...again, never regained and these are the times the big kids need the most guidance...where the world really tries to feed them full of lies that are so easily accepted and bought into. I'd like, 4 walls, a roof, flooring, electricity, plumbing....please, thats all the upgrades that we really need.


Love's Doctor Visits...

Speaking of Love...she went to the pediatric urologist. She is on watch for 6 months and we will redo the ultrasound then to see if there are any changes. I am not sure he was as well informed on the melamine issue. But, his ultimate decision was the same our pediatrician thought that they would suggest. We saw the associate to the doctor that our pediatrician consulted with...we should have seen him but he was booked out 3 months. I guess there is always a reason for that. Hopefully no more nights with Love sleeping with her hands over her ears or waking up crying.

She had her tubes put in on the 17th, she is doing great. Both Big Daddy and I noticed, especially today that she seems to hear more. She has been holding her ears when something drops or makes a loud sound. And, she is just chattering and repeating like no body's business. I LOVE IT!! And she has been so loving lately-tons of kisses with the kissing sound and hugs and pats and rubs....all unsolicited :) She is....pure, living, joy.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Snack Shack...Anyone?

So, why in the world the photo of the snack shack at Target? Well, being the bright one that I am...I locked my keys in my suburban. They must have fallen out of the diaper bag...I can't imagine I would be scatterbrained enough to do it the way it seemed...something had to have happened...the evidence is misleading. So, we enjoyed slurpees and popcorn...yes, it is some rodent, maybe. But, it was a way to waste time and spend minimal dollars. Of course Big Daddy swooped in to release us.

Faith's New Locks

Took off about 6 or 7 inches....

The New do

Faith hasn't really cut her hair in so many years...long bangs, long hair. It needed more than a trim and was in poor condition. She is pretty rough on it. I love her new look. Don't tell her but she reminds me of my baby girl back in the day...way before the 'tude and the dudes...ha!


Hunter's Birthday!!

Hunter wanted a family birthday at Babe's...he has eaten here the past 3 or 4 birthdays. He is not too cool to just want the friends birthday. He wants his family around...he thrives on it. We had both sets of grandparents, our family, Uncle Kev, Aunt JuJu, Bella and Auggie and our nephew and his wife. It was a lot of fun. They weren't too busy on Thursday so we just stayed and hung out well after we were done eating. It was such a good time. They came and sang to him and made him wear a paper cone in his mouth, a hen hat with long yellow braids and go to the center aisle and flap his arms up and down and walk up and down the main aisle as they sang happy birthday. And y'all to my surprise the boy did it willingly and had a little bounce in his step as he did it. I love seeing him let loose and just have fun.

He had a friends only party too. He and a few friends went to the skate park for the day. They all enjoyed it and it was crazy crowded. It was some special anniversary day and I think every kid that skates within a 50 mile radius was accounted for. It gave him an opportunity to hang out, mingle, observe and take advantage of the rails, boxes, ramps, jumps, drop ins...all of it. He ended up talking us into going by the mall to buy a new gift for himself...a very sturdy rail, it is heavier and wider...ya know...more to grind on. Ahh..if you'd have told me my boy would be a skater kid 5 years ago, I'd laugh. I can promise this...we do not have a couch potato or a kid that plants and grows in front of video games...he is active...always has been, and probably always will be. I have great respect for his mad skating is so much harder than you can imagine. I am proud he has found a sport that he loves, enjoys and pushes himself to be better.

My sweet baby boy turned 14 on the 13th. I will never forget the day you were were too early and too small. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was scared for you to be born as early as you were and you lived in the NICU for 9 very long weeks. You were the one to make me a mom....a title that I don't carry lightly. You, all 3.5 pounds of you rocked my helped me see outside myself and learn how to serve another person with joy and patience and love. How were we ever given the gift of you...I will never know....we simply do not deserve you. You have brought incredible joy to our lives and we are so thankful that you are our son. We enjoy you so much. I can't help may look like and sound like a man but when you come around the corner sometimes I still see the sweet, two year old chubby cheeked, blond headed bowl cut with the big blue eyes and a smile that would capture the room. When did my baby boy go and grow up? Sniff...sniff..


Seeing Beauty
One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing the beauty through their eyes. Especially simple things, things in everyday life that I may look past. For instance, Hope brought me a weed in from the yard....and she was beaming..."Mom, Mom, I got you something." Me, "Really, what is it?" Hope, "It is the most beautiful yellow flower Mommy...and it is all the way open." I smile just hearing the joy in her heart to bring me such a wonderful gift...and she blesses me with showing me beauty in a weed. I think, they don't smell good, they die quickly after picking them and if you wait until they go to seed they just make a big 'ole mess. But, if you really look at a dandelion, they are beautiful...sure they can overrun a yard in a season and have roots that go forever but that is beautiful too, really. It makes me reflect back to God and how often I think of myself as a weed. One that has gone awry, one that sometimes does not have that pleasing aroma, one that can make a big 'ole mess and would be much easier to pull up and throw to the side or let shrivel because of the condition of my heart...but He doesn't. He sees the beauty in me always...even when I don't...He does. I just love that.

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