Monday, November 24, 2008

Starting to Think About It...

Well, this morning Hope and I were talking. She understands (I think) that she has two mothers...a birthmom in China and me, her forever Mommy. Today she said she wanted me to call her "Ling Xu Qiu" instead of the name we gave her (which does include part of her Chinese name).

Me: Why do you want me to call your name in Chinese?
Hope: Because it is my name. (Girl has got a point here)
Me: Do you want your friends to call you Ling Xu Qiu?
Hope: Yes.
Me: Do you like your name Mommy and Daddy gave you?
Hope: can call me that too.
Me: Oh, alright but it might be confusing to other kids when they
hear us call you so many names.
Hope: That's ok.
Hope: I miss my birthmom. I love her.
Me: I love her too sweetheart. (We went into deeper conversation...her leading of course, but I am gonna keep that part to us, since it is her story and she can tell it when and if she pleases.)

Gosh, I knew these times were coming. And it both breaks and blesses me. She wants to know who grew inside who's tummy all the time. It is a big deal to her that Hunter and Faith grew in my tummy and she and Love did not. I tell her they grew inside my heart. I feel like if I am honest and open it will be easier for her to accept how we became a family and know that we choose to think she joined our family through love...there just isn't any getting around is hard. She is thinking about it more and more and her wheels are turning. I am so thankful we have adoption into the Lord's family as a beautiful example of how you can be born to one father and yet adopted by another forever. It brings me comfort and peace, I pray it will do the same for Hope and Love.

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