Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being Boys....

Wanna know what happens when Hunter invites a few friends to stay the night and they get bored? Not door knocking, not prank calling, not graffiti writing, not even texting, well, ya texting too but...it is tent building that took all their energy. Which I was told by all 3 would be easy. Well, about 3 short hours later....this little shelter arose...and weathered the winds to remain up all night. Big Daddy and I knew for sure they'd all 3 be stumbling in during the night...it was pretty cool that night. But, they all withstood the temperature. They all had a blast and had such a sense of accomplishment. They slept on cots in their sleeping bags...so they did fine...well, better than fine :0)
The shelter

Hunter's best buddy and partner in crime

They had such a good time "camping" in the backyard that they talked Big Daddy into to taking them to the land to hunt and camp for real. Which believe me...it wasn't a difficult decision for Big Daddy...he's always biting at the bit to go.

Hunter's best friend's dad lost his job recently. We've been praying that he would find a new one soon. I can't imagine being with the same job for 10 years and one day..."poof" it is gone. Nothing he could have done differently, just the economy.

But, guess who has meat to put in the freezer!!

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