Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change is in the Air...

The weather has changed...the wardrobe has changed....and well, our mind has changed.

Before we sold our home we had already put down earnest money on a lot and confirmed plans on our new home to be built. It is a really nice builder. Nothing is left undone. Nothing I would rather have, no changes to be made when there was extra money. Nothing would have to be done...all the bells and whistles...at least to a family in our income bracket. Get the keys...walk in and live.

But, there is a price to be paid for all that. A price that we just are no longer willing to pay. Not because of the money...well, it is, but more because of the time. Big Daddy has been fortunate enough to have a job at the same company for 19 years...he started young, and it has paid off. He has an income that can provide for a family of 6 without any financial help from me. And let me tell you, we are NOT rolling in the money. Those of you who know our income and figure the number of people it has to feed and clothe have a hard time believing it can be done. But it is....every single month.

Overtime is a beautiful thing...when it isn't mandatory. I love.love.love. that Big Daddy works set hours every single day. He works from 7-3:30 and is home in time for dinner, everyday. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Now, if he wants to or we decide we "need" the extra income, he will work a Saturday or stay over a night or two...but not because he has to. Which is a huge luxury...and that is what we want it to remain....an option...not a mandatory means to make the bills.

So, we no longer will have the house we have been dreaming about for the past 3 months. We have moved on...we are on to the new and more fabulous financial peace house. We are renting in a new neighborhood now. We have looked at the houses under construction in this neighborhood off and on. Never really impressed...until, Big Daddy went in and pretty much asked for the world and got it on an incredible, unbelievable deal. What are we to do? We have been praying and praying about making the right decision and it almost felt like the bright lights and singing angels were abound when Big Daddy told me they had accepted our ridiculous offer. Of course, they aren't really doing us any special favors...they just really get away with charging out the kazoo. It would blow your mind what kind of deal Big Daddy has arranged for us. Even after the deal was done...we still had some uneasiness and I read the Proverb for the day and what came blaring back at me in my green highlighted text was:
The rich rules over the poor,
And the borrower becomes the lender's slave.
Proverbs 22:7

I suppose it is right there in black and white...at least for us...confirmation. The only better solution would be to save and pay cash for a home....but, since our new house payment is going to be $30 cheaper than rent...well, we'll just have to save and pay off our mortgage early.

So, that is where we are....instead of having 6 months to wait for our home to be completed, the new deal home will be finished December 23rd and we will close the same day. We will have the rent house through the 31st of December so we will probably just celebrate here and move things in as we go. Oh, and maybe paint a little too, just to add a personal touch...right honey? Or, maybe not :0)

Park Time

Our neighborhood park, well most of it...
Love and my nephew Trev

Hanging out with Daddy

Our sweet Hope having a ball

One thing we have both come to love in our short time here in this house is our neighborhood. We love the multitude of kiddos everywhere, we love the friendly neighbors and we love the park within our neighborhood. We walked to it today while Hope and my nephew Trev rode their bikes. We all had such a good time. I am not exaggerating when I tell you there were at least 30 kids there....little ones on the playground, middle ones playing tag in the open grass and the older ones playing football. It was refreshing to see all that youth and being our age we can appreciate all the energy that was being burned while having fun. I am not sure exactly when it becomes "working out" but when it does...it just takes all the fun out of it...or at least for me :) We are happy with our decision to remain in this area...it already really feels like a good fit.



Love takes full advantage of the open floor plan and pushes the chairs where she'd like to be. Even if that means to the counter top, the pantry, or the refrigerator. Baby girl knows what she wants and she now knows precisely how to get to it. Here she had just helped herself up on the counter and into the sugar bowl...Lovely :) Oh, and when I asked Hope how she ended up there...she told me Love wanted her to sit by her. Oh, what a sweet sister for obliging :0)

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